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Ingrid & Isabel is a national retailer that designed the famous Bellaband® and now offers a full range of maternity essentials sold in specialty stores and major retailers across the country. The company also has a sister brand, Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel, which is available through Target stores. 


Ingrid & Isabel wanted a best-in-class, branded Shopify eCommerce site – with a twist. To best support its customers who are navigating the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy and the novel experience of purchasing clothes for a temporarily size-shifting body, the brand wanted to balance shopping with being a go-to resource for information and support for expecting moms. For example, while increasing conversion rates was a priority, the brand was looking to develop a unique eCommerce strategy and customer experience to enable the brand to “make the sale” while also helping customers feel good. 


eHouse brought its deep knowledge of UX best practices for eCommerce to bear on the project, helping the team determine how to most effectively integrate educational and lifestyle content into the customer experience to support the buying journey and build trust as users moved through the site. 

Translating the rebrand online 

Ingrid & Isabel was simultaneously going through a brand refresh, investing heavily in photography to bring the brand to life. eHouse collaborated with the creative team, translated high-level direction and mood boards, as well as evolving designs for packaging to the new website, designing an eCommerce site to optimally showcase the new brand look and feel. 

Group 4

Integrating eCommerce and education

To increase shopper confidence in selecting products, the brand needed to provide customers with the right information at the right time. This included sizing and customer reviews, but also content that provided support and empathy for concerns and questions customers might have. Therefore, eHouse worked to integrate lifestyle and educational content throughout the site. For example, eHouse built a “Maternity 101” section with landing pages that featured a combination of shopping and relevant information at each stage, such as how to determine what clothing you need, links to helpful blog posts, and even checklists of key considerations that customers could email to themselves and print out. 

Ingrid And Isabel Supporting2

Clarifying sizing: Choose your bump size

Sizing is always a challenge online. Many competing maternity brands do “shop by trimester” to help customers determine what size to buy. This approach, while familiar, isn’t very useful, as there is a lot of variation in size in each trimester. Instead, eHouse recommended using a visual point of reference to create a better user experience. They created a “How big is your bump?” approach to more intuitively guide customers to essentials and collections of clothing that might appeal.  

Ingrid And Isabel Supporting3

For the Bellaband, which can be worn at every stage and post-partum, eHouse creatively pushed the functionality of the site by creating a module for an interactive, visual “timeline” scroll, which educated in a compelling way how the Bellaband (or any other product) would fit as customers’ bodies change. 

Bellaband 1

Enhancing the shopping experience on the PDP

eHouse designed an information-rich product detail page (PDP) that showcased multiple photos/angles, fabric swatches, customer Instagram posts, and customer reviews. Photos also included the model’s height and pregnancy stage information to help customers judge how the clothing might fit their own bodies. In addition, the sizing information presented by stage (How big is your bump?) helped customers determine if the item was relevant and for how long it would fit. 


Enabling easy content updates

eHouse built custom, flexible modules for content-rich, branded landing pages such as Our Story and Maternity 101 that allowed the Marketing team to easily edit existing content or create new pages without needing a developer. 

Screen Shot 2021 02 10 At 12 50 00 Pm


The project resulted in a flexible eCommerce site design that aligned with and enhanced the new brand direction, as well as met the brand’s business objectives. The site was successful in not only helping shoppers more easily find the products they needed, but engaged with customers on multiple levels with product information, compelling visuals and customer recommendations, as well as lifestyle and informational content to grow the customer relationship and ultimately help increase conversions.

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