Building a flexible and customizable eCommerce site for an evolving startup brand


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WagWell is a dog wellness brand that provides a curated selection of all-natural and minimally processed supplements.


Startup business WagWell needed a customizable eCommerce site that could grow with the company and be modified easily without a developer to accommodate changes to the product catalog and brand story as the brand evolved. They wanted an eCommerce agency partner who would be flexible enough to work with them to get a site launched on time – even as they were still solidifying branding, developing products and designing packaging.  


eHouse Studio developed a customized Shopify Online Store 2.0 theme for WagWell that brought its branding to life online. The eHouse team also integrated and customized Recharge for subscriptions, to ensure the styling felt consistent with the rest of the WagWell site and subscriptions could be seamlessly added to the flyout side cart. The result? A cutting-edge eCommerce site that not only captures the essence of the WagWell brand but also delivers the seamless functionality the client envisioned.

Flexing and pivoting to support a new brand

eHouse Studio was excited to help WagWell launch its new business and brand. We understand that this process is not always linear! We worked closely with WagWell’s creative team as the branding evolved to translate the team’s designs to the website and provide guidance on UX best practices to develop a fast, high-converting eCommerce site. 

“Collaboration and agency responsiveness were very important for this project. As the client’s branding evolved, we provided insights on UI/UX best practices and designs to ensure a successful eCommerce site while still adhering to their brand updates.”

– eHouse Studio

Enabling zero-party data collection for email personalization

WagWell wanted to be able to personalize email marketing based on information about each customer’s favorite furry friend. To enable the brand to capture zero-party data for personalized email marketing, eHouse did a custom integration of Klaviyo and the Customer Fields app on the customer account page. This integration gives customers the ability to add pet profiles and for WagWell to capture information such as dog breed, pet birthdays, and a dog’s energy level, and feed this data into Klaviyo for personalized emails that customers love. 

Creating a modular, future-proof design

WagWell anticipated that changes to its eCommerce site would be needed as the brand story developed and the product catalog expanded. To provide the WagWell team with the utmost flexibility for page layouts, eHouse Studio created a library of content modules (sections) for easy page customization. In addition, eHouse built flexibility into the navigation menu design so that WagWell can add new categories and products without needing a developer. 

“We leveraged Shopify Online Store 2.0 to provide a library of customized sections for the client so that they have tons of flexibility to change up page layouts and the navigation menu as the brand story and product catalog evolve over time.” 

– eHouse Studio 


WagWell’s new eCommerce site went live to successfully support the launch of the new brand and enable dog owners everywhere to purchase or subscribe to sustainable supplements they can trust.

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