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SpoonfulONE products are an easy way to introduce common food allergens to babies and children during early immune system development.


With retained services clients like SpoonfulONE, eHouse Studio uses a data-driven approach to identify and prioritize updates to make the most impact on a client’s business. For SpoonfulONE, eHouse Studio determined that, although the existing product detail page (PDP) was getting plenty of views, it was not converting customers to add-to-cart at a rate that it should. Additionally, to the client’s surprise, customers were not selecting the most cost-effective payment option on the PDP. 

We determined there were multiple usability issues on the PDP for both desktop and mobile: 

It was hard for customers to compare the three purchase options – one-time, subscribe, pre-paid – in the buy box 

Customers didn’t understand what the “pre-paid” purchase option was (pay ahead for a short three-month monthly subscription/buy-in-bulk option)

Important information including product details, child age, usage instructions, and ingredients were hidden in accordions

Brand value propositions that conveyed trust, such as pediatrician-recommended, organic, safe, etc., were not readily apparent


Because the PDP is critical in moving customers through the shopping funnel to purchase, eHouse Studio recommended redesigning the user interface (UI) on the PDP. From our experience, when add-to-cart rates are low, it typically means customers aren’t getting the information and incentivization they need to make a decision.  

The goal was that by improving the UI for the PDP template, we would increase the add-to-cart rate for all products, which would increase the conversion rate and ultimately, revenue. 

First, we tackled the purchase options in the buy box. Based on the data, it was clear customers found the pre-paid option confusing. Working with the client, we recommended removing it and only offering two, more intuitive options: one-time purchase and monthly subscription. However, to continue to offer a bulk cost option and incentivize purchases with “cost savings,” customers can easily select to purchase 20-day to 90-day supplies or multi-packs as a one-time purchase. We also made it very easy to see all buy options and savings at a glance and compare.  

To make the PDP more engaging, we enlarged the imagery in the primary display and gallery and moved the product header and description so that it presented above the image on mobile. We also added all product variants (flavors) to the page and created a new section to promote related products and increase cross-selling. In addition, we increased the size and changed the color of the add-to-cart button to make it more prominent. 

In addition, to build trust, we built a section to promote brand value propositions and prominently display product details, product usage information, and ingredients. 

To make it easier to shop on mobile, we added a persistent “Make Selections” button that remains visible as customers scroll so that they can quickly get back up to the buy box to select how they would like to purchase.


eHouse Studio’s PDP UI redesign had an outsized impact on SpoonfulONE’s business just two weeks post-launch.

add-to-cart from PDP


increase in add-to-cart from PDP

global conversion rate


increase in global conversion rate



increase in transactions



increase in revenue

cross-sell section


increase in purchases of products promoted in cross-sell section on PDP

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