Increasing conversions for a leading nutrition brand through strategic user experience design and development


  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Shopify Plus
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

Dr. Axe tasked eHouse Studio to ramp up mobile and desktop conversions by redesigning their product pages. Our goal? Improve the user experience and increase conversions for their fast-growing brand and create a product page that could keep up with an evolving product line.

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The new product page design showed an increase in conversions by double digits percentage.


5 Days

We saw critical statistical significance within just 5 days of launching the new product page design.


We also designed the new product page to better reflect the updated brand standards.

Our Partner in Health

Chiropractor, clinical nutritionist, and best-selling author of the groundbreaking book Eat Dirt, Dr. Axe has a passion to get people “well”. He encourages a healthy lifestyle through supplements, vitamins, essential oils & overall mindfulness & nutrition. Dr. Axe leverages the Shopify Plus platform to accompany one of the largest national health websites in the world!

eHouse has partnered with Dr. Axe as their Shopify agency to keep their eCommerce site optimized through user experience design and strategic development as they grow.

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Growing into a Better User Experience

Like many fast-growing eCommerce brands, Dr. Axe needed to stay ahead of ever-changing user experience demands while increasing mobile and desktop conversions.

They challenged us to:

  • Improve user experience to increase mobile and desktop conversions on an already highly-optimized, multi-test winning page design
  • Design a product page scalable for a diverse, fast-growing product line
  • Improve clarity around one-time and subscription purchasing 
  • Improve clarity around savings options through QTY purchase and subscription
  • Help customers browse a wealth of rich product content
  • Realign site with brand standards

A Product Page at the Heart of Conversions

Most customers go to the product detail page (or PDP) before they make a purchase. And most customers who find a site through search or ad, usually start at the product page. Because this is true for Dr. Axe customers, we knew the product page needed to be our focal point for conversion rate optimization.

We came to the table with the Dr. Axe team with a joint goal to improve their product page user experience. They brought their previous research, A/B testing and customer insight. We brought our years of UX design knowledge and expertise. With a well established, rapidly growing product line, a wealth of rich content and customer-focused pricing models, Dr. Axe already had the groundwork for a GREAT user experience. It was our job to show this to the customer.

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Understanding the Opportunities

We started with research. We looked at best practice, competitor solutions, heatmaps and our client’s unique business and customer segments. Then we pulled from our years of experience UX testing, auditing and designing better product pages for countless eCommerce brands.

Our challenge was to bring a quality experience for shoppers while reducing any flawed results from inconsistent user experience while A/B testing by giving customers a different view from one product page to the next. We needed to conduct the A/B test on ALL product pages on the site simultaneously despite making drastic page layout changes, added recommended products, and changed content. By leveraging Shopify’s theme functionality, we were able to test both the existing and new design themes and measure their performance revenues with NO customer impact!

Aligning Customer and Brand

When our work was done, Dr. Axe gained:

  • A more intuitive pricing structure interface that highlights discounts, percentage saved, and subscription benefits.
  • A device-appropriate solution that helps customers navigate a wealth of rich content.
  • An improved product gallery low on distractions but better-utilizing space to maximize image sizes.
  • Helpful product recommendations that provide customers with a means to continue browsing.
  • A unique solution to A/B design testing of alternative Shopify themes that offer a consistent shopping experience through the testing process.

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