Daneson needed a multichannel to reconcile their ERP system and Shopify store to reach their growth goals.


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Daneson needed a flexible and multichannel integration solution to reconcile their multiple Shopify stores, ERP and eCommerce fulfilment applications to reach their growth goals with agility and speed. 

Experience the Unmatched Quality of Daneson: Handcrafted American Milled Toothpicks

Daneson takes toothpicks to a whole new level, infusing them with the essence of all-natural ingredients like straight Kentucky Bourbon, Cinnamon, and Juniper. What sets Daneson apart is their commitment to using bone white American milled northern white birch for their toothpicks, reflecting their dedication to the subtle beauty of natural materials.

When it comes to sourcing, Daneson prioritizes Canadian and American suppliers, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of their toothpicks. They even go the extra mile by importing Islay Malt Scotch and Portuguese corks, making their offerings truly exceptional. Unlike synthetic imitations, Daneson’s ingredients are real, pure, and derived from nature. Every toothpick is a testament to their respect for genuine craftsmanship.

Respect lies at the heart of Daneson’s values. They hold deep reverence for forests, materials, people, and the world at large. All the lumber used in their toothpicks comes from responsibly managed American forests, further reflecting their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Unlocking Growth: Daneson's Journey to Streamlined Operations and Seamless Integration

Daneson, the beloved toothpick brand adored by enthusiasts and epicures worldwide, was on a trajectory of remarkable organic growth. However, their surging popularity posed challenges that traditional in-app solutions couldn’t address. In order to enhance efficiencies and refocus on their exceptional products and customer experiences, Daneson recognized the need for a multi-pronged solution.

The first essential piece was a centralized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system tailored to their unique needs, growth strategies, and vision. This powerful tool would empower Daneson to streamline its operations, optimize resources, and maximize productivity. No longer bound by manual processes, they could fully embrace their craft and continue delivering world-renowned products.

The second critical component was bridging the gap between their Shopify stores and ERP system, seamlessly integrating their e-commerce platforms with logistics fulfillment applications. To achieve this, Daneson sought a robust and scalable solution that would unify their digital operations and drive efficiency like never before. Enter their strategic integration partner, a catalyst for their continued ascent.

With the right integration partner by their side with eHouse, Daneson embarked on an exciting journey to unlock new heights of success. By implementing a customized ERP system and establishing a seamless connection between their Shopify stores and logistics fulfillment, Daneson harnessed the power of automation and synchronization.

Creating Daneson’s Fulfilment Integration Solution: Enhancing Customer Engagement and Experience

eHouse successfully created agile integrations for Daneson’s logistics processes, specifically their multiple Shopify stores, Blue Link ERP and eCommerce fulfillment applications, ShipBob and Bergen Logistics. These integrations facilitate the seamless flow of orders and shipments between all applications in near real-time. 

The strategic approach taken with the integration is quite interesting. eHouse was able to empower Daneson with the decision-making power to determine which orders should be directed to ShipBob or Bergen Logistics based on location. Based on this determination, eHouse updates their ERP with the order status accordingly. 

The fulfillment process involves updating the order status on their ERP as the shipments are processed by ShipBob or Bergen Logistics. Notably, each platform has its own unique way of defining and wording fields. eHouse has meticulously taken care of these nuances to ensure smooth data exchange and synchronization between the systems involved. ShipBob, for example being one of the chosen logistics partners, has its own shipment rules based on the values passed from the integration. These values are determined through a cross-reference system established by eHouse.

Considering the element of taxes, it’s essential to handle them differently for US and Canadian orders due to varying tax regulations. eHouse has implemented cross-references for taxes specific to each province, ensuring accurate tax calculations for each order.

Furthermore, Daneson utilizes the Recharge subscription app, which has a direct impact on payment integration. To incorporate this functionality, eHouse has added Recharge APIs to their integration processes to gather all relevant information for orders associated with subscriptions. Previously, Daneson used Elavon as their payment gateway, but they recently transitioned to Shopify Payments. eHouse has adjusted the integration to accommodate this change, incorporating cross-references for different payment methods.

eHouse's integrations for Daneson have revolutionized their logistics processes. The seamless flow of orders from Shopify to Blue Link ERP, and then to ShipBob or Bergen Logistics, coupled with accurate tax calculations and payment integrations, eHouse has streamlined Daneson’s operations, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Daneson has had a 6443% return on investment per e-commerce site, per month. 

Unlocking the Benefits: Blue Link ERP and Shopify Integration for Seamless eCommerce Fulfilment Operations

Discover the numerous advantages of integrating Blue Link ERP into your Shopify store, and other essential platforms with eHouse's managed service. Our agile application integrations offer a range of benefits that will transform how your business operates.

    • Flexible and Agile Integrations: Our integrations are designed to adapt to your evolving business needs. You have the freedom to apply custom business rules to the integration solution, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your requirements.
    • Timely Order Fulfilment and Improved Workflows: By connecting your Shopify store, ERP system, and marketplace through eHouse, you can streamline your order fulfilment process. Experience faster and more efficient workflows, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
    • Accurate Product Availability: With our integration solution, you can maintain accurate and up-to-date product availability information across multiple channels. This ensures that customers always have access to the most reliable and current product data.
    • Point-to-Multipoint End-to-End Integration: eHouse's integration solution facilitates seamless communication between various platforms. It enables data exchange and synchronization between Blue Link, Shopify, and other connected systems, creating a holistic and interconnected business environment.
    • Holistic View of Your Business: Our integration solution provides you with a comprehensive view of your entire business ecosystem. Consolidate data from different channels and systems to gain valuable insights into your operations, allowing you to make informed business decisions.
    • Efficient Return and Refund Management: With eHouse's integrated solution, you can manage returns and refunds efficiently. Automate processes, track return statuses, and ensure timely
    • resolution, enhancing customer satisfaction and reducing operational complexities.
    • Faster Order Processing: By integrating Blue Link and Shopify, you can expedite the order processing cycle. Minimise manual tasks, reduce errors, and accelerate the time it takes to convert orders into successful deliveries.

    eHouse's managed service for Blue Link and Shopify integration unlocks a multitude of benefits for your business. From flexible integrations to improved workflows, accurate product availability, and comprehensive visibility, our solution empowers you to optimize your multichannel operations and achieve sustainable growth.

    Unlocking Growth Potential: Seamless Multichannel Integration Drives Remarkable Results for Daneson

    Integration is often overlooked, and overshadowed by front-end development and warehouse management. However, it is the key that harmoniously connects systems, aligning with merchants’ business rules and processes.

    Daneson, a trailblazing toothpick brand, embarked on a meticulous evaluation of ERP systems to gain a competitive edge. They found their perfect match in long-time ERP partners, Blue Link ERP. To achieve seamless integration across their technology stack, Daneson turned to eHouse, a strategic integration partner renowned for their expertise.

    Collaborating closely with the Daneson team, eHouse conducted in-depth consultations to comprehend their unique data flow and apply essential business rules to each connector. This strategic approach ensured agile and flawless integration between applications, fostering efficiency and productivity.

    Across 11 months (2022) and Daneson’s Shopify sites, Daneson had 208% return on investment per day, per ecommerce site *ROI is calculated on GMV divided by monthly iPaaS costs to eHouse.

    By implementing eHouse's connectors, Daneson achieved significant reductions in time and effort, liberating precious business hours. With streamlined operations, Daneson can refocus on their core strengths—crafting exceptional products and delivering unparalleled customer experiences. Assured in eHouse's connectors, Daneson confidently embraces their growth journey, knowing their connectors can scale seamlessly during peak periods.

    Through eHouse's agile connectors, Daneson has propelled their multichannel business forward. With comprehensive managed services, Daneson benefits from ongoing support and proactive maintenance, enabling them to stay ahead of market dynamics and maintain their competitive edge.

    With eHouse as their trusted integration partner, Daneson navigates the complexities of multichannel operations effortlessly. They focus on core business strategies, confident that eHouse expertise will handle integration complexities, driving their growth trajectory.

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