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There’s more to subscriptions than meets the eye. We’ve seen (and done) it all.

eCommerce subscriptions are a different beast. There’s a lot to consider – from acquisition strategies to customer churn. We partner with brands to help them navigate the complexity and strategically implement and migrate subscription programs to Recharge and Shopify Plus. We also build custom customer portals using Recharge Theme Engine.

Beyond making the technology work seamlessly, we help brands like yours create experiences that entice customers to subscribe, as well as expand your subscriber base and increase customer lifetime value. No matter your subscription model – from replenishment to bundles to rentals – we make it happen. And, whether you’re launching new or already have a successful program with many subscribers, we have the expertise and experience to deliver winning results.


Recharge and eHouse go way back

We were one of the first agencies to build on the Recharge Theme Engine to develop advanced customer portals. In fact, Recharge used our work as a demo to prospects, and we’ve become a key strategic partner, continuing to help them test their platform. Also, we’re a top Shopify Plus Partner with years of experience working with subscription-based brands. The point is, we know Recharge and the whole ecosystem better than most. We have deep strategic and technical expertise with complex subscription models. And we leverage it all to your advantage.


You're in good company

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We're experts in advanced customer portals

Branded customer portals that enable customers to manage their subscriptions are critical to a successful subscription program, reducing churn and building customer lifetime value. (It doesn’t hurt that a custom customer portal created with Recharge Pro and Theme Engine can reduce your upfront and ongoing costs, too.) Designing your customer portal UX should not be a cookie-cutter exercise. We help you think through your portal strategy for an optimal experience, ensuring your customers have a centralized place to easily find frequently sought information and have control to edit, add, swap or skip subscriptions. 

Case Study

Dr. Axe

Our work on the Dr. Axe Recharge customer portal and subscriptions delivered results.



Increase in subscription revenue YOY



Decrease in subscription churn


We bring the whole package

We work with eCommerce brands at all stages, from newly formed to well-established. We help brands like yours build, optimize and grow, with services from strategy, design, UI/UX and migration to subscriptions, analytics, testing and eCommerce marketing.

When it comes to subscriptions, we help you determine which subscription model is most compelling for your customers and most profitable for your brand. What’s the most effective strategy to upsell bundles, boxes, kits, rentals or membership programs? How do you deliver value and reduce churn? How do you sustain and grow?

Learn About Our Services
  • Strategy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Development
  • Data Migration
  • Ecosystem Integration
  • Shopify Plus Implementation
  • Recharge Implementation
  • Recharge Customer Portal Customization

Recharge empowers growing businesses by making purchases easy for their customers. With Recharge, you can build a reliable revenue stream by simplifying the management of subscription and recurring payments. Manage your subscription business within Recharge’s powerful merchant portal all while enabling your customers to fully manage their subscriptions directly from your store.

Learn more
  • Quickly enable subscription offers
  • Increase lifetime value & customer engagement
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Build custom workflows
  • Measure performance & optimize your business
  • Built to scale, used by the largest subscription brands on Shopify Plus 
  • Integrates with a rich app ecosystem
  • Build unique programs & customer portal experiences 

A few FAQS

Q. Can I customize the Recharge subscription customer portal?

Q. Does Recharge have analytics?

Q. Can we use Recharge for recurring charges?

Q. Does Recharge support Shopify’s Unified Checkout?

Q. Does Recharge integrate with rewards programs?

Q. Can I customize the Recharge subscription customer portal?

A. Yes, you can use Theme Engine and Recharge Pro to customize the customer portal to fit seamlessly with your eCommerce site.

Q. Does Recharge have analytics?

A. Yes, Recharge Pro has analytics out-of-the-box and can also integrate with tools like Daasity and Glew for more in-depth analytics reporting. 

Q. Can we use Recharge for recurring charges?

A. Yes, we’ve used Recharge for different models, including membership programs, rental programs, box of the month and meal programs.

Q. Does Recharge support Shopify’s Unified Checkout?

A. Yes, Recharge supports both the V1 connector using the Recharge checkout and the V2 connector leveraging Shopify’s unified checkout.

Q. Does Recharge integrate with rewards programs?

A. Yes, Recharge integrates with tools like Yotpo rewards, Loyalty Lion, and

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