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Elevate your marketing with seamless, cross-channel experiences.

We understand the intricacies of email marketing, SMS, and automation to drive faster, more efficient growth. Klaviyo takes your digital marketing efforts to the next level, offering intelligent solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of your brand. Our team collaborates with you to harness the full potential of Klaviyo, crafting personalized email campaigns and SMS messages that resonate with your audience. We specialize in integrating Klaviyo with Shopify Plus, setting up advanced segmentation and automation that work tirelessly to convert leads into loyal customers. From strategic planning to execution, we ensure your marketing messages are always on point and impactful.

But it’s not just about sending emails and texts—we help you create meaningful connections with your customers, turning every interaction into an opportunity for growth. Whether you’re aiming to boost your acquisition rates, enhance engagement, or reduce customer churn, our tailored Klaviyo strategies are designed to deliver. We leverage data-driven insights to optimize your campaigns, ensuring they reach the right people at the right time with the right message. With our expertise in Klaviyo and a deep understanding of eCommerce growth tactics, we empower your brand to achieve remarkable results, maximizing customer lifetime value and driving sustainable growth.


Maximizing impact with Klaviyo: eHouse Studio and Commerce12’s strategic partnership.

eHouse Studio, in partnership with Commerce12, a Klaviyo Master Elite Partner Agency, stands at the forefront of utilizing Klaviyo's global technology platform for cutting-edge email and SMS marketing. Our early adoption and deep integration of Klaviyo have made us a key strategic partner, showcasing our innovative uses of their automation tools to set industry standards. With extensive experience as a top Shopify Plus Partner, our combined expertise in Klaviyo's capabilities enables us to craft highly personalized marketing strategies that drive growth and engagement for subscription-based brands, leveraging our deep understanding of Klaviyo to offer unparalleled marketing solutions.


You're in good company

  • Nori Work


    Introduced high-quality visuals into email campaigns, enhancing brand perception. Elevated click-through rates by optimizing email layouts and call-to-action placements.

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  • De Soi Work

    De Soi

    Implemented targeted segmentation and A/B testing to personalize email campaigns, enhancing brand engagement, acquisition, and retention.

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  • Zk Work

    Zoe Kratzmann

    Enhanced email deliverability and engagement by utilizing live text and dynamic product blocks strategically.

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We are your trusted partners for email and SMS marketing.

Crafting highly personalized marketing campaigns that captivate and engage is at the core of what we do, leveraging Klaviyo's sophisticated automation tools to their fullest potential. Our deep understanding of Klaviyo's platform enables us to design and implement marketing strategies that not only meet the unique needs of each brand but also significantly enhance customer engagement and retention. This expertise is not just about sending messages—it's about creating a seamless, integrated communication flow that resonates with your audience at every touchpoint. We guide you through the intricacies of Klaviyo, ensuring your marketing efforts are strategic, data-driven, and tailored to build lasting relationships with your customers, ultimately driving growth and increasing customer lifetime value.

We bring the whole package.

We work with eCommerce brands at all stages, from newly formed to well-established. Our Klaviyo-powered email and SMS marketing solutions are here to elevate your brand. Seamlessly connect with customers, activate real-time data, and create personalized experiences across all channels. Our team of experts will strategize, write, design, and implement effective campaigns tailored to your needs. Let's grow your audience, boost customer lifetime value, and drive total sales together. Experience the power of Klaviyo with us and unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts.

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Why we love Klaviyo

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Streamlined Data Utilization.

Klaviyo empowers us to effortlessly centralize and harness every aspect of customer data, enabling precise targeting and personalized marketing.

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Seamless Multi Channel Engagement.

With Klaviyo, we can easily craft and deliver hyper-personalized experiences across all our marketing channels, ensuring consistent messaging and enhanced customer engagement.

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Simplified Marketing Operations.

Klaviyo's all-in-one platform simplifies marketing efforts by providing a comprehensive solution, eliminating the need for multiple tools and streamlining our workflow for maximum efficiency.

With Klaviyo, we can

  • Activate Your Data in Real Time: 
    • Utilize data instantly to improve targeting, personalize interactions, and analyze results. 
  • Connect Seamlessly with Customers:  
    • Engage customers effortlessly through email, SMS, mobile push notifications, and review experiences, ensuring a consistent brand presence across all channels. 
  •  Guide Your Marketing with Powerful Tools: 
    • Leverage built-in AI, automations, predictive analytics, and benchmarks to inform and enhance our marketing strategies, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness. 
  •  Grow Your Audience and Revenue: 
    • Expand your audience, increase customer lifetime value, and boost total revenue with Klaviyo's comprehensive platform and advanced marketing capabilities.

A few FAQS

Q. How does Klaviyo contribute to audience growth and revenue generation?

Q. Can Klaviyo provide seamless connections with customers across different channels?

Q.How quickly can Klaviyo integrate with my existing tech stack?

Q. Can Klaviyo guide marketing efforts using advanced tools and analytics?

Q.  Can Klaviyo activate your data in real-time?

Q. Can Klaviyo provide seamless connections with customers across different channels?

A. Absolutely, Klaviyo allows you to connect with customers seamlessly through email, SMS, mobile push notifications, and review experiences, ensuring cohesive and engaging brand presence. 

Q.  How quickly can Klaviyo integrate with my existing tech stack?

A. Klaviyo enables you to integrate your full tech stack within minutes, offering over 300 pre-built integrations across subscriptions, payments, loyalty, and more, making it easy to pull in unlimited data from the software you use most.

Q. Can Klaviyo guide marketing efforts using advanced tools and analytics?

A. Yes, Klaviyo guides marketing efforts with built in AI automations, predictive analytics, and benchmarks, providing valuable insights and strategies to enhance your marketing. 

Q.  Can Klaviyo activate your data in real-time?

A. Yes, Klaviyo activates your data in real-time for precise targeting, personalization, and measurement of interactions with customers, maximizing marketing effectiveness and ROI.

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