Created a custom built theme on Shopify Plus for innovative, hydration experts, HydraPak


  • Custom Theme Redesign
  • Clone Site For Bottle Bright


HydraPak has been innovating hydration products – like soft flasks and reservoirs – for more than two decades. A pioneer in creating new categories in the space, HydraPak offers its own brands through its D2C eCommerce sites. The company is also a trusted partner for athletes and more than 70 brands worldwide, producing performance hydration systems for well-respected brands including Patagonia, The North Face and Osprey. 

Challenges + Solutions

HydraPak is looking towards a bright future – one with no fixed finish line. As the brand continues to explore the possibilities of innovative hydration and expands its product line, it needs a new, flexible, “high-endurance” eCommerce site to keep pace. eHouse Studio was the go-to digital agency partner to enable HydraPak to accomplish its goals.

1. Winning product findability and customer education

Defining the site’s information architecture was paramount to set the foundation for future category and product growth. eHouse Studio then layered on intuitive UI, including optimized filters and visual product categories on the product listing page (PLP). In addition, to clearly showcase products’ multiple sizes and streamline the shopping experience, each size product is shown individually on the PLP, and a product’s range of sizes is displayed on the product detail page (PDP). 

The new design leans hard into visual cues to help increase understanding of product categories and types. The Shop by Category section on the home page provides an easy introduction to the catalog, and high-impact product photos on the PLP and Collection pages show customers at a glance what to expect.

2. A clear map for navigation

eHouse Studio developed user-friendly iconography for the navigation menu to help shoppers quickly understand the types of products they can find in each product category. On mobile, the accordion-style categories expand by default for easy browsing.

| eHouse Studio set the foundation for HydraPak’s future growth with strategic and thoughtful information architecture, intuitive UI for product findability, and strong visuals for easy navigation. |

3. Upping the game with upsells

HydraPak offers hydration systems with different parts and accessories that work together to meet athletes’ needs. To highlight what’s new and innovative as well as what goes together, eHouse Studio integrated AI product recommendations on the home page and PDP. Shoppers also will find links to compatible parts conveniently included in the product details section on the PDP. Forgot something? No problem. The shopping cart highlights “impulse buy” upsells for compatible products and accessories to enhance the purchase and product use experiences. 

4. Multi-touchpoint promotions for higher AOV

eHouse Studio strategically added functionality for showcasing promotions in multiple key locations throughout the site, including a top-of-page announcement banner, in the PDP Buy Box and in the cart. HydraPak uses these to effectively promote free shipping, easy returns, and their lifetime guarantee, which work to boost customer confidence, conversions and average order value (AOV). 

5. Building the Bottle Bright brand

To cost-effectively build awareness of HydraPak’s stand-alone brand, Bottle Bright, eHouse Studio leveraged a cloning approach to develop a separate eCommerce site. In addition to enabling a timely launch, cloning the HydraPak site for Bottle Bright brought significant ongoing maintenance efficiencies, including global control of colors and fonts for a consistent look and easy updates.

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