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MegaFood uses real food and added nutrients from trusted farm partners to craft highest-quality vitamins and supplements that also meet rigorous social and environmental standards.  


MegaFood’s eCommerce funnel wasn’t flowing as smoothly as it should: customers were getting stuck and not adding subscriptions to cart from the product detail page (PDP). It was determined that this was due in large part to customers having trouble understanding the value of subscription pricing. To increase conversions, MegaFood needed to redesign the subscription customer experience, including clarifying pricing and benefits, and reworking the self-service subscription portal.


eHouse Studio migrated MegaFood’s eCommerce site to Shopify Plus from Salesforce (SFCC), reorganized the information architecture and navigation, and developed and implemented a strategic plan to increase subscription conversions. MegaFood was so pleased with the results from this initial project that eHouse continues to work with them on an ongoing basis to optimize their eCommerce site and customer experience.  

Implementing a seamless subscription portal

eHouse Studio leveraged Recharge to implement a customized subscription portal featuring MegaFood’s branding and other visual elements from the eCommerce site. This created a seamless experience that aligned with MegaFood’s subscription model and rewards program. 

Specifically, eHouse Studio ensured that the customer portal enables customers to easily update their existing subscriptions and/or subscribe to new products to increase average order value (AOV). We also ensured the overview page clearly displays order history and active versus inactive subscriptions, making it easy to reactivate or update subscriptions. On the subscriptions overview page, customers are prompted to “subscribe to more products” and shown a selection of popular cross-sells. In addition, customers can easily see how many points they’ve earned, review their VIP Club status, redeem points, and see their rewards history.

Integrating in-cart subscription upsells

To nudge more customers to buy a subscription versus make a one-time purchase, eHouse implemented an automated call-to-action (CTA) highlighting potential savings that appears in the cart flyout to prompt customers to upgrade to a subscription when they add a one-time product to cart.

Redesigning the buy box and pricing

eHouse Studio redesigned the PDP layout to be more intuitive for customers, with emphasis on making subscription options more prominent and clarifying the pricing structure. 

To simplify the decision-making process and encourage customers to click “add to cart” sooner, eHouse made a number of effective changes. For example, we prominently displayed the brand value propositions in the buy box so that customers clearly understood benefits such as free shipping, money back guarantee, and loyalty points earned with purchase. We also implemented a sticky buy box to keep the image gallery always visible as the customer scrolls – a best practice to help the customer associate product information with the images.Lastly, we updated the styling to make critical calls-to-action (CTAs) stand out, including add to cart and checkout. 

To reduce information overload and improve UX for mobile users, eHouse Studio made some other key changes on the PDP. For example, we designed easy-to-scan accordions to house product information, including key benefits, ingredients, and suggested use. 

We also designed flyouts to showcase supplement facts and subscription benefits. When customers click on these links, a box flies in from the side and is easy and intuitive to close on both desktop and mobile. Presenting supplement facts in this way also feels comfortably similar to reading a packaging label in the store.

Making rewards program more prominent and integrated

We integrated multiple reminders about MegaFood’s rewards program and potential to earn points throughout the customer journey, including in the main navigation, on the PDP, in the subscription portal, in the cart, and at checkout.

Leveraging Shopify Plus Online Store 2.0

To enable the MegaFood team to make changes to the site without a developer, eHouse Studio leveraged Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 tools to give MegaFood advanced flexibility in using editable content sections on any page. Online Store 2.0 provides more control over theme editing to enable merchants and marketers to more easily update the hierarchy or content on a page themselves.


MegaFood saw great results just two months after launching the new site with eHouse Studio’s subscription customer experience redesign.

increased overall conversion rate (CVR)


increase in revenue




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