Prioritizing enhanced experiences, product findability and education to increase conversions


  • Strategy
  • Shopify Plus migration
  • User Experience & User Interface Design
  • Retained Services

Creating and innovating on paddle board technology and outdoor gear, adventure-brand iROCKER aims to help people connect, experience the outdoors and create memories on the water. 


iROCKER not only wanted to refresh its global eCommerce experiences but also find a platform that would enable the marketing and merchandising teams to make day-to-day strategic site updates independently versus relying on a third party. iROCKER also wanted to streamline its tech stack to provide its business with a strong foundation to scale. On the front end, improving UX/UI and designing new engaging ways to educate customers about core product lines was a top priority to improve product findability and increase conversions. 


eHouse Studio migrated and consolidated iROCKER’s seven Magento instances into five new Shopify Plus stores, designing beautiful and consistent experiences to more effectively engage, educate and convert customers. eHouse also helped iROCKER streamline its tech stack and clean up its data for more accurate tracking and reporting across its stores in the U.S. Canada, UK, Australia and the EU. After the sites launched, iROCKER engaged eHouse’s retained services, and we continue to work together to identify and prioritize optimizations that make the most impact on the business.

Enabling real-time content management

eHouse created a custom, modular Shopify theme for iROCKER to enable the merchandising and marketing teams to manage website and mobile content updates in-house without developer assistance for all iROCKER stores. Improving the mobile experience was particularly important, as the brand had high mobile traffic but low mobile conversions.  

Future-proofing design for scalability 

When we design a website at eHouse, we build in flexibility to accommodate how a merchant may scale their business, such as growing their product catalog. For iROCKER, eHouse ensured there was flexibility in the navigation structure to accommodate future product categories, product education, images and calls-to-action (CTAs).  

Improving product findability 

Buying the right paddle board can feel challenging and overwhelming, especially for customers new to the sport – there are various features, skill levels, accessories, and more to consider before investing. Therefore, it was critical that the new sites provide guided shopping experiences, serving up product information and education throughout the shopping funnel to help customers feel well-informed and confident to purchase. 

To create a more intuitive experience, eHouse Studio restructured the information architecture (IA) to simplify key areas of the site. We also incorporated visual CTAs and educational copy into the main navigation to differentiate iROCKER’s core product lines and help customers discover the right products for their skill level or activity. 

For the product detail page (PDP), we applied our expertise as well as research-based best practices to ensure this key page would increase conversions and average order value (AOV). We created a hierarchy of information, displayed for scannability and easy understanding. Specifically, the most important details like pricing, product imagery, key product highlights and brand value propositions are located higher up on the page; additional product, category and brand insights are offered further down.

Increasing customer engagement

To make shopping more interactive, educational and engaging and to increase AOV,  eHouse Studio designed multiple features for the new iROCKER site. 

A “Frequently Bought Together” module allows customers to select/deselect complementary products to customize a recommended bundle of accessories for their selected paddle board and then add to cart. 

A “What’s Inside the Box” module, which provides more detailed product imagery and descriptions of items that come with each paddle board (organized into expandable accordions), helps users more easily understand the value of the product they’re considering.

A comparison chart, generated from customer selections on the PLP, makes it easier for customers to compare products and product features. 

For customers newer to the sport or brand, a quiz offers recommendations for boards that best meet a customer’s criteria. Quiz results link customers to product pages to encourage them to convert. Additionally, the quiz enables iROCKER to collect zero-party data that can be used for more personalized marketing and future optimizations.   

A Hot Spot module enables customers to shop for multiple products directly from a lifestyle image. Customers can click on items in the photo and go directly to the PDP and buy. 

A side cart opens when customers add-to-cart, giving a quick glance into the cart without disrupting the shopping flow. This is a best practice that confirms the successful product addition and also highlights the customer’s free shipping qualification, a running cart subtotal, brand value propositions and what a monthly payment plan could look like. 

iROCKER ambassador pages foster community-building by highlighting sport influencers who believe in and support the brand. Each ambassador page features a biography and lifestyle images using iROCKER products, and highlights ambassadors’ most loved and recommended products with links to related product pages. 

Streamlined tech stack for international stores

eHouse Studio helped iROCKER optimize and create greater consistency across the company’s global eCommerce operations, tech stack and experiences by merging its three European-based stores into a single storefront; setting up separate stores for U.S., Canada, UK and Australia; implementing geo-location redirects; and implementing country-specific language options and post-purchase communications and notifications. Additionally, eHouse created a technical foundation in which all stores share a single repository for code, making the deployment of new features, optimizations and maintenance-related updates more efficient. 


The iROCKER global relaunch with restructured IA, refined feature sets for greater product findability and customer education features resulted in huge wins for iROCKER, particularly in its two largest markets: the U.S. and Canada.



increase in sitewide conversion rate (CVR)



increase in mobile CVR



decrease in global bounce rate



increase in sitewide CVR



increase in CVR from desktop



increase in mobile CVR

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