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Branded Bills makes premium headwear and apparel, including custom orders, that connect customers to their life experiences.


Branded Bills wanted to make the customer experience of its eCommerce site similar to that of its app: fast and user-friendly. To do this, the eCommerce site needed a full redesign and new code base to implement UX/UI best practices and streamline the shopping experience to increase conversions. The company also wanted to improve its brand storytelling and add more product education. And, they wanted to do all this on a tight timeline of just a few months.


Headless, while becoming more accessible for more brands, is still not plug and play. It’s important to work with an experienced agency to do strategy work up front to identify where custom approaches and solutions will be needed – and develop a roadmap and timeline. To make the project as streamlined as possible, eHouse Studio partnered with headless platform Pack, which provides a headless infrastructure that enabled Branded Bills to get to market with a new site much faster than if the development team had to start from scratch.

| Partnering with Pack, eHouse Studio launched Branded Bill’s headless eCommerce website in just a few months. |

Project management

With headless, there are a lot of moving parts. eHouse Studio’s project managers kept everything on track, thanks to close coordination with the Pack team. This was essential for the project’s success, especially because eHouse had to develop various custom solutions to enable the customer experience that Branded Bills wanted. Establishing this headless foundation for Branded Bills ensures they will be able to build new features on the site in the future without having to worry about impacting speed. 

Customized design

The Pack platform provided eHouse Studio with a starter kit that the design team customized and styled to make the site look unique to the Branded Bills brand. This was a huge time saver and different from most headless projects, where the front end has to be built from scratch. 

Third-party integrations

Many third-party apps aren’t compatible out of the box with headless and can be challenging to implement. The eHouse team developed custom solutions to integrate apps on the new site, including Loop, Elevar, Nosto, Recharge, and Yotpo. 

| “eHouse had to find creative solutions for some app integrations to make it all work together – the third-party app itself might say ‘no, we can’t do that,’ but our developers figure out how to do it for the client.” |

Content management

One of the big advantages of Pack is that the platform provides a CMS-like framework to make it easy for merchants to populate the site with content without needing a developer. In addition, eHouse leveraged Pack’s template-level sections to help Branded Bills automate reusing content sections across pages – merchants can populate content one time and have it appear in multiple places, such as shipping and returns information on product pages. This is an especially user-friendly time-saver for brands with large product catalogs. 


eHouse Studio, partnering with Pack, launched a new, fast and customer-friendly headless eCommerce site for Branded Bills in just two months. Already the brand is seeing huge improvements in speed and performance, which will lead to higher conversions and improved customer experience.

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faster home page load time

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faster collections page load time

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faster product page load time

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