Leveraging retained services for a data-driven approach to improve a growing eCommerce site


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BIOHM empowers individuals to live healthier lives with microbiome data-powered products, including probiotic and prebiotic supplements, as well as a personalized Gut Test that provides recommendations on supporting digestive health.


After eHouse Studio rebuilt BIOHM’s customer portal and successfully improved subscription customer experience, conversion and retention, BIOHM was excited to continue the relationship with eHouse and explore additional opportunities for eCommerce site improvement and optimization. 


Retained services at eHouse Studio is an ongoing, collaborative partnership. Using an iterative, data-driven process, we help clients measure, strategize, build – and repeat – to methodically improve and grow eCommerce sites over time. Our holistic approach includes discovery work to understand a client’s business goals and objectives; site and data audits; and a team with diverse expertise, including design, development, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and the Shopify platform and ecosystem.

Starting with research and strategy 

As we do with all retained services clients, eHouse Studio performed site-wide analyses and data verification to obtain baseline data. For BIOHM, this included accessing the client’s analytics platforms (to ensure accurate tracking), a conversion funnel analysis, an information architecture (IA) analysis, and a customer subscription portal post-launch feature report. 

Based on this data analysis, BIOHM’s business goals, and user best practices, eHouse developed a strategic roadmap for website tasks and updates. For each action item, eHouse set goals based on previous performance and industry best standards and then monitored and reported on results. 

Identifying and prioritizing action items

Navigation redesign: Through data analysis, we identified drop-off rates in user engagement with the site’s navigation. We recommended a redesign of the navigation UX and a redesign of the page header above the navigation to make the menu more intuitive and engaging, and provide opportunities to make links to key pages, as well as content and images, more visible.

increase in purchases


increase in purchases of BIOHM’s most popular product

sessions with product views


increase in % of sessions with product views

checkout abandonment


lower checkout abandonment

exit rate on page


decrease in exit rate on Rewards program page

Updates to the product detail page: Through data analysis, we saw opportunities to improve how customers were engaging on the product detail page (PDP). Users (especially new/potential customers) were challenged to find the information they needed about the brand, gut health and products to decide to add to cart. We redesigned the buy box to showcase all pertinent information without it feeling overwhelming, including key product information, subscribe & save options, customer product reviews, and the top four FAQs. For mobile, we redesigned the add-to-cart button to make it persistent when the user scrolls.

sessions with product views


increase in sessions with product views

conversion rate


increase in conversion rate

Monitoring, learning, improving

eHouse Studio sets monthly and quarterly meetings with retained services clients for progress review and planning. Each month eHouse Studio met with BIOHM to review the results data, suggest A/B testing opportunities, ensure the roadmap was still aligned with business and marketing goals, ask for client feedback, and review actionable items for the next month. 

For example, after rebuilding the customer subscription portal, eHouse continued to help BIOHM make refinements to convert one-time purchasers to subscribers and tweak subscription services on the customer portal to minimize churn.  

On a quarterly basis, eHouse developed planning recommendations for roadmap updates or changes based on client goals, gaps in growth, and identified data needs.

customer portal


decrease in churn 1 month post launch of redesigned customer portal

subscription conversion rate


YOY increase in subscription conversion rate

subscription refunds


YOY decrease in subscription refunds

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