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You’re So AI and You Don’t Even Know It: AI in the Shopify Apps You Use

Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating technology news, but if you’re not a heavy ChatGPT user, you may be thinking: “What does AI have to do with me?” As a Shopify merchant, AI in some form or another may be more relevant to your business than you think.

You may have heard about Shopify’s foray into AI with Shopify Magic, a suite of tools that can help merchants with tasks like auto-generating product descriptions, and the Shopify Sidekick chatbot, which acts like an assistant that can help merchants more easily ask questions and find information to support their business. 

In addition, apps in the Shopify app ecosystem – some of which you are likely already using – are also getting in on the AI act. Copywriting not your thing? Limited photography/marketing/ customer support budget? Campaigns not performing as well as hoped? You might be able to get some AI help with these challenges! 

To help you get a handle on what’s new and how you might leverage these tools, we thought it would be useful to do a round-up of some of the most popular apps in the Shopify ecosystem and highlight the ways they’re integrating AI.

Attentive AI

What it is: Attentive is an SMS marketing platform for personalized text messaging

AI features: Magic Message powered by Attentive AITM enables auto-generated copy, advanced image editing, and data analytics for send optimization.

Use it for:

  • Copywriting: It’s like a brainstorm buddy helping to generate ideas for SMS marketing copy. Magic Message suggests copy based on your audience, brand voice, and campaign goals. Brands can use what it comes up with, ask the AI to make refinements, or edit it as they see fit. 
  • Product image repurposing: Magic Message also helps brands get more from their existing photography. Brands can customize and edit product photos with different backgrounds and themes for seasonal campaigns, promotions, and more – and test and tweak for both SMS and email to determine what engages customers best.  
  • Optimization: To help merchants optimize when to message and/or email customers, Attentive AI can analyze subscriber behavior, purchase history, and previous engagement to determine the best times to connect and automatically schedule and send at that time.

Yotpo AI 

What it is: Yotpo is a retention marketing platform with products for loyalty and referrals, SMS, email, reviews, subscriptions and UGC management

AI features: Yotpo integrates AI to extract and display the social proof/UGC that will resonate best with specific customers

Use it for:

  • Personalization: Yotpo offers a reviews widget that helps customers get more relevant social proof and answers to questions. For example, the AI can help collect customer feedback faster, tag/organize it by subject/theme to identify and elevate the most powerful reviews, as well as enable customers to filter through reviews to find feedback on what they specifically want to know about, like size, fit, shipping, style, etc. 
  • Review moderation: Yotpo automatically assigns a score to reviews and flags them for any negative sentiment so brands can review them. 
  • Analytics: Yotpo’s AI analyzes customer reviews by topic and sentiment to help merchants understand what customers like and don’t like. 


What it is: Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform with products for email, SMS, mobile push, customer reviews and customer data. 

AI features: Klaviyo integrates AI into various applications, including for predictive analytics, auto-generated copy, automated text responses, and send optimization. 

Use it for:

  • Behavior forecasting: AI helps brands use data including LTV, spending potential, next order date, and churn risk to do predictive analytics faster and be more strategic about when to message customers and what to say, when, and on which channel. 
  • Copywriting: For both SMS and email content, Klaviyo’s AI can help merchants generate compliant copy for messages and subject lines from a description of your campaign. 
  • Customer service support: Klaviyo helps lighten the customer service load by using AI to “understand” incoming text messages and quickly respond with approved information. 
  • Personalized emails: AI can automatically add recommended products to emails, including products a customer has recently viewed, or new products based on a customer’s preferences. 
  • Optimization: To increase email open and click rates for high-volume campaigns, Klaviyo uses AI to analyze customer data and determine the optimal time to connect with customers when they’re most receptive. 
  • Guided account warming process: For high-volume, multi-email campaigns, Klaviyo helps merchants avoid spam and ensure customers are more receptive to receiving marketing emails.


What it is: Gorgias is an eCommerce helpdesk platform. 

AI features: Gorgias’ automation and optimization features can help customer support respond to tickets faster and analyze and understand customer question types and sentiment.

Use it for: 

  • FAQs response automation: AI can answer the most frequently asked questions, freeing up customer support to handle more complex issues or questions. For example, for inquiries like order status, shipping, and return requests, Gorgias can automatically send a response or send links to articles containing relevant information from the Help Center.
  • Ticket prioritization: Gorgias helps identify the most urgent requests or questions from VIP customers so customer support can prioritize what to focus on first. The AI also can automatically identify and tag specific types of questions to route to certain customer service agents or teams. 
  • Analytics: Gorgias uses AI to automatically tag ticket categories, such as product feedback or shipping issues so that merchants can track, measure, and improve whatever customers may have issues with.  


What it is: The VWO platform enables A/B testing of eCommerce sites for UI/UX, and customer behavior analytics. 

AI features: VWO offers a free, AI-powered website heatmap generator.

Use it for: 

  • UI evaluation: VWO’s AI feature reviews an eCommerce website to give merchants a predictive visual representation of how customers might behave. This can give insights into where customers might be getting stuck and how effective the page design is at conversion.


What it is: Rebuy offers a suite of personalization products, including product recommendations, post-purchase upsells, and dynamic product bundling. 

AI features: Rebuy’s Data Sources and Rebuy Assistant Smart CartTM app help merchants personalize customers’ shopping experiences even more in multiple sales channels. Data Sources is Rebuy’s primary AI solution and uses machine learning models to generate recommendations based on rules and behaviors tailored to a brand’s specific business or industry.

Use it for: 

  • Higher conversions: Rebuy uses AI to score products as “most likely to convert,” as well as identify trends on a brand’s website to be able to offer more relevant  recommendations. 
  • Product discovery: Customers can chat with a bot in the Rebuy Assistant Smart CartTM app to tell merchants what they want and receive product recommendations. The intent is to create a digital customer service experience that’s like talking to a sales associate in a brick-and-mortar store. 

Personalized product offers: Rebuy surfaces personalized product offers on a brands’ eCommerce site  based on customized rules and behaviors. AI-product recommenders analyze customer data, like browsing, search and purchase history.

Tip of the iceberg: More AI features to come

Many of these AI integrations are proving useful for brands and we expect to see more of them in the near future. We’re all about empowering merchants to be more strategic and efficient in managing and growing their business and are working to help our clients leverage these new tools. Interested in optimizing your Shopify site? Give us a call.