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Trick or Treat!

It's no secret around eHouse that I'm slightly obsessed with holidays — particularly Halloween and have been since I was a kid.

What undoubtedly started as a love for candy, candy and, well, more candy, this interest evolved into participation with haunted houses and eventually decorating at our own house (to which, some may find excessive) offering scares to the neighborhood kids.

Flying home yesterday from the Future of Web Apps conference in Boston (blog post coming soon), I started thinking about what I could do to share my love of Halloween with the masses.

I first thought that I'd write a post about how code is like the skeleton of a website. As unoriginal as it may have been, I could’ve taken it somewhere. I decided to sleep on it.

After a short nap, I brewed up this analogy (pun intended): code and it's interface are like people wearing costumes. Most people have no idea the “true identity” of a site — the person(s) who coded it, the languages used, the platforms leveraged, etc. Again I felt as though I wasn’t on to anything groundbreaking (yep, another lame pun) so I continued to stew on it...

Eureka! Rather than write a themed post, I'd code something. Enjoy!

*Be sure to turn up your volume

While the volume is up, have a listen to this well-curated playlist of some of my favorite spooky sounds to help you get through this All Hallow's Eve.