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Things We Dig From Shopify Unite 2018

Shopify Unite 2018 was more than just an opportunity to see Justin Trudeau, eat poutine, and see Toronto. It was also a time to hear some big announcements for what is soon to come for brands powered by Shopify Plus over the coming year.

Here are a few things that really jumped out at us and that we’re super excited about for our clients and brands running on Shopify Plus.

1. International eCommerce with Shopify Plus

True international eCommerce has come to Shopify Plus. Starting this fall, Shopify payments support multi-currency, giving brands the ability to offer a best-in-class customer experience on their storefronts and through the checkout experience.

You can expect to see built-in geolocation functionality that will automatically detect the visitors country and present customers with the correct local currency using the most current foreign exchange rates including built-in smart rounding presenting relevant pricing customers expect to see. Multi-currency is truly integrated from from the process of creating a product to the confirmation email a customer receives. Learn more

Along with multi-currency payments, Shopify will also support local payment methods popular to the specific country. If you've had much international eCommerce experience one thing you know is that credit cards are not the most popular payment method outside North America, so this is very important when selling internationally. Shopify Payments will also be adding support for a variety of popular payment methods preferred by customers worldwide, giving a truly local customer experience.

Learn more about international eCommerce with Shopify Plus

Lastly, the Shopify Plus Admin will also be translated into 7 languages including French, German, Japanese, Italian, Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish. Learn more about multilingual for Shopify

2. Delighting Customers with Automation

We love Shopify Plus Flow. It's a powerful automation tool that allows brands to save time by automating tedious processes while also finding new ways to delight customers. 

Flow connectors is a new feature that allows third-party app integration with Shopify Plus Flow giving you the ability to build new automated flows between other apps. For example, you can leverage Loyalty Lion’s knowledge of customer’s birthdays and combine it  with Klaviyo’s email capabilities to send customers a special offer on their birthday and a handwritten card using Bond

Learn more about Shopify Plus Flow Connectors

3. Omnichannel Experience with Shopify Locations

Now with Shopify locations, brands can manage inventory and track shipments across multiple locations right from Shopify and Shopify POS. Customer order history will soon be available across channels, so brands can offer in store returns for products purchased online or in store pickup. This feature will allow you to know more about your customers shopping habits from the time they place an order online to when they walk into your retail locations.

Learn more about selling through multiple locations with Shopify

Shopify POS will also see a super slick new tap and swipe chip card reader, manage returns/exchanges right from the POS and have access to all locations including online orders right from the POS. Example allow customers to Buy online and exchange in store.

Learn more about the new Shopify POS updates and hardware

4. More Discount Types

Starting this week you will be able to offer BOGO discounts and quantity discounts right from Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Learn more about the new discount types available now

These are just a few of the announcements of things to come. Check out more of the updates here.

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