1. Best Practices to Optimize the eCommerce Product Detail Page (PDP) & Increase Conversions

    The product detail page (PDP) is the most important page on your eCommerce site. It’s where your customer converts to “add to cart,” a critical step in the shopping funnel on the way to purchase. When it comes to conversion rate optimization (CRO), the PDP is a good place to start your site audit and should be high up on your priority list of features to update. 

  2. Product Bundling Strategies to Increase eCommerce Revenue

    Why do we buy things we don’t actually need? Emotion plays a big role; purchasing a product can make you feel good about yourself (workout clothes) or that you belong to a community of others who share your values (shoes made from recycled materials). Most of us also like to get a good deal (admit it: getting the most for your money has brought a smile to your face). You can build an emotional connection with your products through brand building and creating compelling lifestyle content. But you also can tap into the power of “good-deal glee” with a smart product bundling strategy.