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Six New MailChimp Templates

What does Rosh Hashanah, a Synagogue, Mother's Day, an antique store, a sandwich shop, and a soccer team all have in common?

These are all things for which we created a set of email templates for our good friends at MailChimp.

A few months ago, MailChimp asked us to work with them on a series of email templates for their customers. We designed and coded a total of six templates with unique identities which they announced yesterday.

We had to give users the ability to have complete control and change everything from fonts to colors.

This work was a departure from our typical projects in that we were creating designs and identities knowing they needed to:

Inspire MailChimp users as to the possibilities

The point of the designs was to inspire the users as to what could, and often times what should be. We approached the templates knowing that what we were creating would most likely be changed by the users.

Give users complete control

We had to give users the ability to have complete control and change everything from fonts to colors. Luckily for us the MailChimp tags allowed us to give them just that. This required us to approach not only the code, but the designs in a different way. For most of our projects, the CMS not only acts as a publishing tool, but also a tool to help keep everyone on track, like the  Fidelity commercials.

Since our projects are based on strategy first, we are working to help build a plan and structure with the intent to keep everyone on the agreed upon path or strategy. Using the CMS we give customers the ability to update and change a site or email, but typically stop short in areas that are part of the overall strategy or brand.

These breaks in our typical approach, along with working with the team at MailChimp made for a really fun project, so much so you will be seeing some more in the future. Create a MailChimp account if you dont already have one and check them out soon.