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Seven Reasons Why Shopify Plus Is the Top Choice for Top Brands

Thriving brands need an eCommerce platform that supports continued growth. Flexibility, scalability, and security are cornerstones to online success. Companies have many eCommerce platforms to choose from, making it a challenge to find the right solution. Things brands should be considering when evaluating their platform are:

1. Does this platform help stay up with ever-evolving ways customers are shopping?

2. Does this platform allow us to innovate in how we sell and the customer experience?

3. Does this platform continue to improve and adapt the technology to make our jobs easier?

4. Does this platform integrate with other leading-edge technologies in eCommerce?

Discover seven reasons why Shopify Plus is the top choice for top brands such as Dr. Axe, Magnolia, Kylie Cosmetics, Rebecca Minkoff, Gymshark, and more.

1. Support Ongoing Growth

Companies want an eCommerce platform to have the scalability to support ongoing growth especially in times of high traffic and opportunity. Too many times we have all heard the horror stories of sites being down due to high traffic or huge opportunities that are lost because of server issues. No matter how much is planned you either fall short of the servers you need or also overspend for robust server setups just in case you have high traffic. ECommerce moves at a very fast speed, and merchants must keep up with it to stay profitable. Reliability is crucial to ensure visitors can seamlessly visit the site, and the Shopify Plus platform has 99.98% uptime with unlimited bandwidth and transactions.

You should never have to worry about having enough bandwidth to capture customer orders. On the busiest shopping days of the year, Shopify Plus sites can take up to 8,000 orders per minute. Top brands such as Kylie Cosmetics need the robust Shopify Plus platform to handle the large volume of orders in response to product releases, promotions, and holidays. Consider shoppers from the United States spend a whopping $5 billion online on Black Friday in 2017 - and those numbers continue to grow.

2. Do It Your Way

Often eCommerce sites can become too focused purely on transactions giving shoppers a bland white labeled feel in the design and content even though customers are still in the process of exploring your products and your brand potentially through multiple visits and channels. Generic websites blend into the mix and are quickly overlooked. People need a hook to notice a site and want to see more. The same layout, images, and content they see at other sites send them away. Especially as direct to consumer brands are not only building a eCommerce site, they are also building the digital home for their brand for all the channel customer purchase. The site is critical whether its a instore purchase to wholesale.

The Shopify Plus platform is totally customizable. Every site can look original and unique with the right implementation and design partner. From fresh homepage content to a product page helping customer truly understand and fall in love with a product. Shopify Plus also allows you to go beyond just the visual customization with third-party apps and a robust API. The idea of a Saas-based platform being inflexible are not true. Rather than hack away at core software, you’re able to leverage highly documented and supported API’s built for scale.

3. Schedule Promotions That Drive Traffic

The Shopify Plus platform is ready to handle the high volume traffic that comes from specialized promotions. Top brands can schedule in advance enticing events such as product launches and flash sales using Launchpad

Shopify Plus merchants can change the store theme and schedule product pricing, and more. A store can be locked to build the hype before a major launch. A real-time analytics dashboard tracks the success of a marketing campaign, helping to show what works – and what doesn't.

4. Functional With Ease of Use

Ease of use is at the top of the list when it comes to determining site functionality. Leading online merchants are drawn to the Shopify Plus Platform for its simplicity. While users have access to a full range of applications, essential functions are easy and straightforward. Processing orders should never be a struggle as well as making content edits. Shopify’s sections and theme settings along with the product management tools allow marketing teams to make site updates without having to call a developer.

The dashboard is user-friendly, putting essential features at a merchant's fingertips, including customer records, products, orders, and more. A sensible interface means it only takes a few minutes to take care of orders, add new products, and manage site settings. Time is money, and top brands save time by using a platform that streamlines basic processes.

5. Special Discounts for Every Customer and Reason

Feel like extending a special offer to your most loyal customers? Want to offer a promotion to celebrate a new season? Shopify Plus hosts a robust promotion and discount tool along with checkout scripts which give you endless possibility for special discount events. Exclusive discount promotions are an effective way to drive traffic to eCommerce sites and improve conversions.

All types of discount promotions are easily supported by this flexible platform including gifts and free shipping promos as well as BOGO discounts, and percentage-based discounts. Top brands take advantage of the capacity to offer product bundles, and combination offers to drive higher average sales. And tiered pricing can be set up to give special discounts to top customers.

6. Amazing Apps for Incredible Integration

Shopify Plus partners provide a complete range of services helping brands growth their business. The Shopify app store hosts over 1,500 apps to help brands build their store. Coupled with the Shopify Plus platform, these apps are made to make routine business operations more manageable, especially when there is high volume traffic.

Apps exist to help users with marketing, customer service, inventory management, promotional offers, accounting, and other essential functions. Plus, the Shopify Plus platform permits users to raise the API limits to maximize ERP and app integration. Access to these apps and partners is helping top brands who are migrating or creating a whole new look for their companies.

7. Security & Endless Payment Methods

The bottom line for any business is getting paid at the end of the day. The Shopify Plus Enterprise platform provides a secure environment where visitors feel confident about sharing their private information. The professional design encourages visitors to stay longer, learn more, and take action because the site appears to be trustworthy.

Shoppers enjoy their favorite conveniences, such as saving their information to check out faster using Shopify Pay the next time they make a purchase. Items are stored in a customer's cart, and the prices are changed automatically to reflect the latest site updates. Plus, merchants can take an array of currencies and payment methods to be competitive in an international online marketplace.

From timeless companies such as Budweiser to MVMT Watches, top brands rely on Shopify Plus. A robust and reliable platform becomes the base of their soaring online success because it is flexible and customizable to support continual growth.

Contact eHouse Studio today to learn how to harness the power of the Shopify Plus platform to take your top brand to the next level of success.