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Pretty Powerhouses Pt.2

Here we are, back at it again, with another update for all of you following our pursuit to encourage women creatives within our community. If you are unfamiliar with our efforts, feel free to check out our kick-off blog post here.

Several weeks ago, the women of eHouse gathered for our second Pretty Powerhouses meeting to discuss our thoughts for moving forward with the project. Up for discussion was the question of what did we think, feel, and, ultimately, want to do with this project? The meeting turned out to be a great round table discussion that really got our juices flowing and even resulted in a more solidified, but ever-evolving, mission statement:

“Connecting women to share their passion & inspire each other within our community."

With this project we want to inspire local women by creating a social support system that encourages them to keep doing what they are doing (awesome work). One of our thoughts was to do an interview blog series featuring local women who are doing inspiring things while still managing to lead great lives outside of work.

To kick-off this interview series we thought, why not start internally with one of the smartest, sweetest and most fashionable front-end web developers we know, the lovely Christine Henderson? Hear about how she got her start in a world full of men developers, how she tries to maintain a balance between her work life and social life, and, of course, how she manages to find such cute clothes (you better believe there will be some pictures of her cute outfits included)!

Our hope is that this interview, and the others to follow, may evolve into an event series with speakers and helpful discussions where women can ultimately come together to learn, grow and gain helpful advice. So stay tuned for an interview coming your way within the near future. But until then, stay pretty and powerful!

**eHouse Studio definition of a Pretty Powerhouse
Pretty: to posses a delicate, artful and clever demeanor
Powerful: to have a strong effect on someone or something

Pretty Powerhouse: To have a strong effect on someone or something through artful and clever grace.