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Pretty Powerhouses: Kick Off

If you've ever visited eHouse you've probably noticed something different about our company compared to others. Yeah, it’s true that we’re a pretty cool group of people that love what we do, but that’s beside the point! If you take a look around you’ll quickly begin to notice a trend. We've got a really strong female presence in our office! Even our two office dogs are females (Lily and Daisy if you were wondering their names)! With the addition of our newest project manager the scales have officially tipped.

In coming to this realization, we all agreed that we not only want to continue encouraging female strength within our own company, but also within our local community. So this month we sat down at one of our favorite lunch spots, Five Loaves Cafe, to put our heads together and brainstorm ways to support local female powerhouses (Get it?...eHOUSE powerHOUSE, creative right?) Everything is still in the beginning stages, but plans are in the works to collaborate with other local community organizations that are in existence as well as possibly plan our own eHouse event. So stay tuned to see what we come up with next because we may be pretty, but we pack a lot of power!