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Most Popular eHouse Studio Blogs of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we hope our recommendations and insights over the last year helped answer your questions, spark new ideas and put you on a path to optimize your business, including well-designed PDPs, great mobile experiences, fabulous site search, engaging lifestyle and educational content, proactive zero- and first-party data collection, more diversified marketing strategies, stellar subscription self-management portals, and more. 

We were curious which posts our readers found to be most informative or intriguing on our blog this year. We ran the numbers and following is a quick run-down of the five most-read eHouse Studio blogs of 2022. 

6 UX Guidelines to Give Your Customers a Better Subscription Management Experience

Subscriptions are more important than ever for eCommerce merchants, helping to bring in more reliable revenue streams and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV). User experience (UX) can have a huge impact on the success or failure of subscriptions. Making sure your UX is based on best practices, particularly for subscription customer self-management, will put you head and shoulders above most other brands. Even if you have a pretty great subscription experience already, there are likely additional tweaks you can make to improve AOV and LTV even more. 

7 Updates from Shopify Editions Summer 2022 to Be Excited About and What to Do Next 

Shopify regularly comes out with cool new products and features. The challenge for many merchants is how to prioritize what to implement to make the most impact on their business. And, determining how much time and effort the upgrades will take. To help, we identified some clear winners from Shopify’s summer 2022 release, explained what they might mean for a brand, and what some realistic next steps would be. 

Loyalty Programs: Points Are Out, Paid Is In

As we continue to weather economic uncertainties, it’s even more critical for eCommerce merchants to retain and nurture their existing customers. Paid loyalty programs can be a smart and affordable way to provide new and more engaging experiences for customers that bring value, build connection and attract customers who are most interested in your brand and more likely to remain long-term, high-value customers.   

Is Your Brand Ready for Headless eCommerce?

Pretty much just a buzzword for most eCommerce merchants until recently, Shopify is making headless more accessible and affordable for more brands with new tools (Hydrogen and Oxygen). Although a headless approach can provide the infrastructure brands need to create amazing new eCommerce customer experiences, going headless should be a thoughtful and well-considered business decision. It’s smart to calculate the value as well as consider the tradeoffs.

Our Take on Recharge’s State of Subscription Commerce Report

Subscriptions again! This second popular blog focused on subscriptions gives an overview of Recharge’s insights into what factors will help merchants continue to be successful with subscriptions into the future. Some things that matter: the vertical, your tech stack, flexibility/customization like one-time purchase options or subscription upgrades, and consumers’ penchant for dependability all contribute to a program’s success.  There’s lots more great content to come in 2023. To get it delivered to your inbox, please sign up below for our newsletter. We hope you keep reading!