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Improve Your eCommerce User Experience with Shopify Plus

As the eCommerce industry continues to boom, competition grows fiercer. To stand out from the pack, online brands must focus on the quality of their user experience. Leveraging the power of Shopify Plus helps online brands find the sweet spot for their target market. Discover how to maximize your store's potential by improving user experience with Shopify Plus.

Forego the Friction

According to the Harvard Business Review, the leading factor in delivering a stellar customer experience is reducing a customer’s efforts. When shopping online, customers seek both convenience and time-saving interactions, yet nearly 70 percent of them abandon their online shopping carts.

To reduce cart abandonment, brands should focus on streamlining both their shopping and checkout processes. Limit the number of pages and form fields customers must fill-in before they can successfully complete their purchase. If there are too many required elements to complete a purchase, shoppers will likely lose patience and stop their shopping process.

Another simple way to improve the shopping experience is by making the payment process easier for customers. Shopify Plus enables shoppers to pay using several methods such as Amazon Pay, Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. These alternatives forego the need for the customer to create a new user account. In some cases, users can also login using their social media credentials for a speedier checkout process. With these methods, account creation becomes optional, and the checkout process can be customized to appeal to the brand's typical users.

Focus on the Experience Economy

A recent study revealed that customer experience will overtake product and price as a brand differentiator by 2020. In this new age, referred to as the experience economy, modern customers want to purchase an experience rather than tangible items. With this in mind, brands need to focus on customer acquisition and retention to remain competitive.

People's digital attention spans are short; brands must be clear and engaging to deliver their message to their customers. Targeted visuals are a great way to grab a shopper’s attention. By showcasing promoted, popular, and discounted products across the homepage, a shopper can gain a quick understanding of your product offerings within a matter of seconds.

In the absence of a brick-and-mortar store or printed materials to peruse, eCommerce brands must rely on engaging, high-quality photography. Customers need to visualize the products, how the products’ work, and what the products can do for them. DIY photography often falls short of the customer's expectations and may pale in comparison to the competition and even the real thing. Product photography must be professional and look uniform to build brand credibility and deliver an optimum eCommerce user experience. Compelling content and descriptions paired with quality product photography can encourage consumers to take action.

Stretch Beyond the Typical Sales Funnel

Successful brands go beyond the product people are searching for and offer more of what the customer wants using upselling and cross-selling techniques. For example, by offering batteries at checkout, parents purchasing a battery-operated toy are more likely to add them to their cart. You are able to provide these consumers, who are already making a purchase with a greater value and consequently increase your AOV.

It’s important to know how to present cross-selling and upselling opportunities to customers. A study showed that placing higher-priced products in the main view of customers was more effective than showing recommended items on the side. Shopify Plus is customizable to make the most of these opportunities by using smart placement strategies.

Another way to boost revenue is to expand offerings via additional selling channels. Multi-channel selling is expected to define the future of e-commerce. According to a Harvard Business Review study, nearly three-quarters of online shoppers use multiple channels during their shopping journeys. Shopify Plus integrates with more than 20 marketplaces, including eBay, Facebook, and Amazon. Additionally, Shopify Plus offers inventory management options to keep track of these sales. Multi-channel shoppers are developing into the most profitable consumers, making this an essential strategy for brands.

Reach Out for Help

eCommerce brands should never leave anything to chance. But running an eCommerce empire often becomes confusing. And designing a website that creates a fantastic user experience can be a challenge. Savvy brands are migrating from other platforms to enjoy the benefits of the many tools offered by Shopify Plus.

Reach out to a qualified Shopify Plus partner for help. Creating and maintaining a successful online store requires work, research, and attention to detail. Put this time-consuming work into the hands of a skilled professional for the best possible results. A Shopify Plus partner knows how to maximize this platform to create a one-of-a-kind eCommerce user experience for your customers that is scalable to handle a high volume of web traffic.

Are you ready to deliver the ultimate user experience on Shopify Plus? Contact eHouse Studio, a Shopify Plus partner, to help you every step of the way to achieve and surpass your goals.