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eHouse Studio and Commerce 12 Join Forces to Create First Full-Service Shopify Agency

eHouse Studio, a leading Shopify Plus agency partner, is thrilled to announce its merger with Commerce12, a Klaviyo Master Elite Agency partner. This merger marks a significant milestone, fusing the agencies’ deep-rooted expertise in eCommerce and marketing personalization to provide an expanded service offering to clients. eHouse Studio is now poised to become the first full-service Shopify eCommerce agency in the U.S., with capabilities in eCommerce development, technological innovations, and growth marketing strategies all under one roof.

Unified eCommerce Expertise and Client Experience

This merger fills a vital market need, streamlining agency partnerships for clients and establishing a new full-service digital commerce paradigm. Our respective client base and complementary eCommerce service offerings bring a powerhouse of capabilities to more than 130 brands across the globe. As the eCommerce landscape continues to increase in complexity, our strategic, best-practices approach and end-to-end solutions will provide additional competitive advantage to clients.

Fueled for Growth by Periscope Equity

Backed by Periscope Equity, eHouse Studio will continue to expand its reach and capabilities. We aim to deliver a comprehensive, agile, and tailored approach to digital commerce, aligned with the evolving needs of modern businesses. Our vision includes partnering with industry leaders in the commerce and digital sectors, cementing our position as the premier full-service eCommerce agency.

A New Chapter in eCommerce

Our merger will redefine what is possible in eCommerce. We're ready to tackle industry challenges, drive innovation, and propel the growth of our clients to new heights. We're not just setting new standards; we're committed to enhancing brand value and shaping the future of digital commerce.

About Us

eHouse Studio: Pioneering Shopify Plus Excellence

For nearly two decades, eHouse Studio has been at the forefront of customer-centric eCommerce, setting the standard for excellence on the Shopify Plus platform. Our journey began in 2002, driven by a passion for crafting immersive and impactful customer experiences. Specializing in Shopify Plus, we leverage focused strategy, creative design, and innovative technology to curate beautiful and meaningful eCommerce solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. With a keen understanding of the intricacies of eCommerce, we pride ourselves on delivering seamless and scalable solutions that elevate brands and drive sustainable growth.

Our Vision with Periscope Equity

Under Tony Puccetti's leadership, Periscope Equity is pushing the envelope in digital commerce. Through strategic collaborations and innovative initiatives, we are dedicated to shaping the future of eCommerce and driving sustainable growth for our partners.