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Doing It For The Kids

Back when most of us at eHouse were in elementary art class, our time was spent coloring and collaging, and digital artwork was not a factor (except for us ‘90’s kids who loved some Microsoft Paint). So when we got the opportunity recently to meet some students from Carolina Voyager Charter School who are in the Palmetto Brush art program, it was eye-opening to see how much more digitally aware art programs have become.

We wanted to show the students how we essentially make art as a job to illustrate (no pun intended) the potential career path digital art can lead to, so we had one of our designers and one of our developers walk the kids through a simple Thanksgiving e-card exercise. Our designer showed them how she lays projects out in the app Sketch, and let the kids make design decisions similar to the decisions we make each day.

View the entire photo album on our Facebook page.

Each design started with a minion dressed as a pilgrim (a real crowd-pleaser), then the kids got to work with the designer to customize borders and font styles. Once they decided as a group on the final design, our developer brought it to life on screen by coding it out and adding an interactive button that opened and closed the minion’s eyes.

This exercise was super fun and showed the kids how we work together as a team at eHouse to design and develop products we’re proud of. We so enjoyed having the students and want to give a big high-five to Quana and Andre for sparking interest in digital art in her students at a young age.

The final products from each class are below.

Class One

Class Two

Interested in visiting us for a field trip? We’d love to have you. Email our Operations Director Chris Quinn for more information or call 843-743-6877.