1. Designer Matt Stevens Shares Project Highlights (and Lessons too)

    We were honored to have kicked off October's Dribbble meetup with special guest speaker Matt Stevens. Matt joined us in person from Charlotte and presented an array of his featured design work and some stories behind the work. In honor of the Halloween holiday, and without naming names, was also cool enough to share a few "scary" stories that you might encounter when working on your favorite projects. We often learn from the things we do well and the mistakes we might make along the way. Design is a journey!

  2. Trick or Treat!

    It's no secret around eHouse that I'm slightly obsessed with holidays — particularly Halloween and have been since I was a kid.

    What undoubtedly started as a love for candy, candy and, well, more candy, this interest evolved into participation with haunted houses and eventually decorating at our own house (to which, some may find excessive) offering scares to the neighborhood kids.

  3. Pretty Powerhouses: Kick Off

    If you've ever visited eHouse you've probably noticed something different about our company compared to others. Yeah, it’s true that we’re a pretty cool group of people that love what we do, but that’s beside the point! If you take a look around you’ll quickly begin to notice a trend. We've got a really strong female presence in our office! Even our two office dogs are females (Lily and Daisy if you were wondering their names)! With the addition of our newest project manager the scales have officially tipped.

  4. Wrapping Up 2012

    A digital look at an analog project

    A Look back....

    As one year ends and another begins, it is only natural to look back and reflect while planning and gearing up for what is ahead. At eHouse Studio, we take our holiday project as just that, a project. We try not to think of it as another thing on our never ending to-do list but as an opportunity to have fun together and showcase the wide array of talents in our community and our team while saying a heart felt “thank you” to those that we have had the chance to work with over the last year. So as Spring is flirting with us in the near future, we wanted to take this opportunity to take one more look back at our experience with the 2012 Good{e}’s project. Because we were having so much fun, we decided to document the process. Join us in watching our short “debut” film about our annual Good{e}’s project.

  5. Our Newest Way to Give Back: Courageous Kidz

    This past December eHouse Studio had the amazing opportunity to give back to our community in the best way we knew how. We, at eHouse Studio, put our "digital" skills to the test and redesigned the Charleston Elves' website. So when the organization behind Charleston Elves, Courageous Kidz, had a need, there was no way we were going to pass up another great opportunity to pay it forward!