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Best Practices for Subscriptions and Bundles on Loop Return’s ‘Exchange’ Podcast

eHouse founder and CEO Aaron Quinn joined the folks at Loop to talk about how great eCommerce customer experiences are essential for brands to be successful today, and how subscriptions can support creating those experiences. 

Should your brand jump on the subscription bandwagon? Aaron cautions: strategy first.  Although there are many different subscription models that have been successful for many brands, the approach that’s right for your brand depends on a lot of factors, including your specific customers and products. 

Listen to the podcast to glean some best practices for integrating a subscription program into your brand’s eCommerce experience and understand what it takes to go from subscription “defense” – troubleshooting issues customers are having and reducing churn – to subscription “offense,” where you work to optimize and personalize the program to increase customer long-term value. 

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