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Announcing a new Christophe Harbour

With its stunning natural harbors, ultra-luxury amenities, and world-class development team, Christophe Harbour is poised to be one of the most distinctive and sought after destinations in the Caribbean.

When working with a client like Christophe Harbour, a 5-star exclusive resort on one of the few remaining unspoiled islands in the Caribbean, it would have been easy to let their gorgeous scenic photography speak for itself.

We don’t do easy.

In order to meet the changing needs of their business and better address the interests and concerns of their target audience, Christophe Harbour needed a refreshed website that better communicated the unique value prop of the resort and made it easier for users to find the information they needed.

the primary goals of the new site was to make it easier for prospective buyers to find real estate

We started with a comprehensive content strategy and an analysis of the current content on the site to help us identify any gap or problems that needed to be addressed. With that information, we made a set of content recommendations aimed at creating a blueprint for site planning and structure, as well as the actual content development and editorial management.

In addition to the content overhaul, one of the primary goals of the new site was to make it easier for prospective buyers to find real estate. We rebuilt the listings tool from the ground up and included functionality for users to save and share properties.

Now, we couldn’t possibly do justice to Christophe Harbour without showing off one of it’s most amazing assets: it’s natural beauty. A quarter of the land on St. Kitts is American Oceanic Rainforest - one of the rarest ecosystems in the world! - and all land above 1000 feet has been classified as a National Forest Reserve. We designed the site to showcase the amazing visuals and bring it’s beauty to your desktop (or tablet since the site supports touch gestures). Have a look at the site