1. Pretty Powerhouses Pt.2

    Here we are, back at it again, with another update for all of you following our pursuit to encourage women creatives within our community. If you are unfamiliar with our efforts, feel free to check out our kick-off blog post here.

  2. Scary Stories About Your Favorite Client

    We were honored to have kicked off October's Dribbble meetup with special guest speaker Matt Stevens. Matt joined us in person from Charlotte and presented an array of his featured design work. And without naming names, was also cool enough to share a few scary stories that you might encounter when working with your favorite client.

  3. Trick or Treat!

    It's no secret around eHouse that I'm slightly obsessed with holidays — particularly Halloween and have been since I was a kid.

    What undoubtedly started as a love for candy, candy and, well, more candy, this interest evolved into participation with haunted houses and eventually decorating at our own house (to which, some may find excessive) offering scares to the neighborhood kids.

  4. Pretty Powerhouses: Kick Off

    If you've ever visited eHouse you've probably noticed something different about our company compared to others. Yeah, it’s true that we’re a pretty cool group of people that love what we do, but that’s beside the point! If you take a look around you’ll quickly begin to notice a trend. We've got a really strong female presence in our office! Even our two office dogs are females (Lily and Daisy if you were wondering their names)! With the addition of our newest project manager the scales have officially tipped.

  5. Responsive Map Touch Screen Solution

    On a recent site build there was a need to include a responsive, interactive Google map. The map also needed to display the organization’s location and a link for directions. Pretty standard but… not without its share of tricksy issues. I found a lot of information on the inter-webs which helped it respond smoothly1, and that allowed me to add multiple tooltips with unique info windows2. Responsive google maps won’t get us down! Along with using these helpful web resources I came up with a little edge on an issue I encountered on mobile views and other small touch devices. So, I’m paying it forward with this nugget of information.