Creating a branded Shopify B2B store with dynamic pricing for multiple wholesale customers


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TITLE Boxing is the leader in boxing and mixed martial arts equipment, supplies and gear, helping fighters, coaches and fitness enthusiasts reach their goals.


TITLE Boxing decided it was time to migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus. They had high monthly costs for bug fixes, didn’t have the level of control they wanted to manage site content, and faced issues with integrations. They also wanted to make it simpler to manage their DTC eCommerce site and wholesale website, and enable their wholesale customers to see customized prices and place orders at any time.


eHouse Studio consolidated TITLE Boxing’s two wholesale stores into a single B2B eCommerce store and leveraged Shopify’s B2B features and functionality to allow the company to more easily manage its DTC and wholesale stores from a single admin. 

| eHouse Studio delivered a solution for TITLE Boxing that addressed their two biggest concerns: streamlining management of multiple sites for different customers and reducing ongoing costs. |

Streamlined development

eHouse Studio created TITLE Boxing’s DTC site on Shopify Plus and then cloned it to create the B2B site. A shared code base ensures that site maintenance and future updates or changes to the sites will be faster and more cost-effective. For example, if TITLE Boxing decides to add a new section to both sites, developers will only have to build it once and customize it by serving specific content to each one for TITLE Boxing’s different customers. 

Shopify B2B 

Shopify B2B provides a suite of native features to support wholesale businesses, deliver a more user-friendly, DTC-like experience for wholesale buyers, and enable merchants to manage both B2B and DTC from the same admin. Using Shopify B2B, eHouse Studio created a single B2B eCommerce store that provides customized pricing for different wholesale customers. 

| eHouse Studio helped TITLE Boxing deliver tailored, dynamic pricing for specific wholesale customers by leveraging Shopify B2B. |

Customized, dynamic pricing

TITLE Boxing has two distinct wholesale customers – TITLE Boxing Clubs and third-party retailers – that receive different pricing. TITLE Boxing needed a way to streamline the process of setting pricing that would dynamically change depending on which customer was logged into the B2B site. To do this, eHouse Studio helped TITLE Boxing set up Shopify’s B2B catalogs (tailored lists of products and pricing) to dynamically update and show prices specific to the logged-in customer.

Tailored login experience

While Shopify B2B provides a lot of native functionality, TITLE Boxing wanted a specific gated login experience for its wholesale customers that isn’t included in the out-of-the-box Shopify login flow. eHouse Studio developed a customized “extra step” before the native Shopify login experience with a branded landing page that enables customers to choose to either log in or sign up/create an account if they are not yet a wholesale customer.  

| We developed a custom login flow that matched the customer experience TITLE Boxing wanted for its wholesale customers. |

Modern approach for futureproofing

eHouse Studio leveraged ReactJS to create several sections of the DTC and B2B eCommerce sites, particularly for key, high-converting areas like product pages. Using ReactJS results in faster load times for a better customer experience, as well as more flexibility to support any future complexity such as a large and growing product catalog or more complicated functionality and features on the front end.  


eHouse Studio launched TITLE Boxing’s new, modern and user-friendly DTC and B2B sites in just months, resulting in a higher overall conversion, average order value and add-to-cart rates. Additionally, after an email announcing the new B2B website, sales immediately increased 25%.



Overall conversion rate



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