User Interface Design & Front-End Development

User Interface Design

Responsive Design

Your responsive user interface (UI) design serves as the face of your brand online while inviting users to interact with your business. It must combine aesthetic appeal and usable simplicity while reflecting your brand’s essence. We design UIs that accomplish both, creating an easy and enjoyable experience for your customers.

Our UI design incorporates imagination and innovation, pushing the boundaries of modern design and technology to create engagement and delight across multiple devices. We incorporate your visual brand down to the smallest details, considering color patterns, typography, visuals and spatial layout that communicate your brand story.

We design responsive user interfaces modularly, with building blocks that can be easily added or removed from pages, to support easy and low-cost future maintenance. Designs are best when delivered as coded templates, which bridge the gap between the visuals and the final experience and support collaboration and communication between your business and our designers.

As a catalyst for innovation in the start-up ecosystem here in South Carolina, a lot happens quickly in our space. We needed a partner that was able to deliver industry-leading work even with mid-project pivots. On top of their user experience expertise, eHouse Studio employed an agile methodology that delivered transparency and speed of iteration allowing us to collaborate, test and launch sooner with less rework. I’m recommending eHouse to any team whose brand needs to shine brighter online.
Avatar Mickimacnaughton VP of Communications, SCRA

UI Development

Responsive Front-End Development

Transforming digital design from flat presentation visuals to interactive engagement requires more than just code. For the final product to fully embody the original vision, the process requires close collaboration between designers and developers and nuanced decision-making about responsiveness, interactions, animation and accessibility.

We specialize in end-to-end front-end implementation, developing the user interface using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to improve efficiency. Our development process fosters close collaboration between design and technology and eases handoffs between teams. Bringing the design vision to life reduces the confusion, unnecessary documentation, and over-communication required when working with third-party or internal system integrators. Our designers work in parallel with platform-specialist developers to ensure important details such as functionality, requirements, interactivity, motion graphics, and compatibility across devices and screen sizes are accounted for. UI development reduces short-term and long-term project costs and wasted development time, and it results in a high-quality end product with impact and polish that delights customers.

Interactive UI Style Guides

Each component of your ecommerce website, brand website or product’s user interface (UI) will feature a deliberate style, leading to a distinctive overall design and a consistent, familiar, and predictable experience for your users. Once we finish our work, we want to ensure the future managers of your product or site can continue to implement changes or evolve the system while staying true to the original design.

One of our final deliverables is an interactive style guide, with modules a set of online pages with images and code that enable in-house or third-party designers or developers to quickly integrate existing components into new pages and sections. This makes it fast and easy for teams to reuse styles for buttons, typography, forms and other digital components and keep your ecommerce platform site, digital product or website up-to-date, consistent and optimized.

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