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The Cliffs is a collection of private luxury mountain and lakeside communities in North and South Carolina. Boasting over 3,000 members, The Cliffs is much more than a real-estate conglomerate. The Cliffs has built a community of beautiful properties, world-class golf courses, and exceptional amenities in their seven locations throughout the Blue Ridge mountains. They focus on active lifestyle mixed with the kind of leisure you can only experience in a truly magical landscape.


The Cliffs came to eHouse looking for a website redesign that would be a rallying point for their brand as they were entering a new era. They were faced with a collection of seven communities that needed to be differentiated, but at the same time synthesized under a single brand. They needed a website that would integrate with their existing CRM, Member, and other systems seamlessly and present a home base for their members, potential members, employees, and other interested parties.

Balancing seven neighborhoods under one brand

A large challenge facing both The Cliffs and eHouse was how to handle the seven communities on one site without diluting the brand. The Cliffs wanted each of the seven neighborhoods to have an individual draw and story, but the main focus needed to be that membership into one community brings membership to all seven.


Our designers worked closely with the team at The Cliffs to create a user experience that we both felt illustrated the real-life breadth and unity of their offering. While individual neighborhoods, like The Cliffs at Mountain Park or The Cliffs at Glassy, would have their unique landing pages and information tailored to them, activities, leisure items, and even real estate searches could be viewed in terms of all seven communities.

Generating luxury leads

It was important for to continue to leverage their existing real estate software, Salesforce-backed PropertyBase, to score, gather, and process leads, communicate with prospective buyers and manage property data. We were able to integrate this into the new build seamlessly, and also implemented an account section whereby prospective buyers could save properties for which they were interested in an easily shareable, curated watch list.

... this award-winning site has created over 700 real estate and private event sales leads in just four short months, compared to 654 real estate leads for all of 2013.
avatar-jamieadams Chief Information Officer, The Cliffs

Maps that go further

In addition to integrating PropertyBase into The Cliffs redesign, we also worked closely with their team to design and develop a custom real-estate map experience that illustrated the listing information in PropertyBase. When searching for real estate from the real estate page, visitors now have the option to see listings across all of the seven communities, or drill down to the community they are interested in. Listings are presented clearly in both a sidebar overlay on the map and a property detail tooltip that appears when the visitor clicks a listing. To aid in simplifying the user experience for highlighted listings the interface provided a focused, omnipresent wealth of information for the visitor.

We also implemented a second map that focused on the breadth of The Cliffs' amenities, which supported The Cliffs team’s goals of demonstrating nearby options for both prospects and their current membership base. This map displays a perspective of relationship between all seven communities and key nearby cities, and on a more individual level, things like emergency locations, restaurants, and amenities in each of the seven communities. Through custom iconography in association with map pin colors, visitors interact with a visual vocabulary and identification system that is consistent across communities.

Bringing nature into the design

While functionality of the new site was a huge factor in the redesign, brand aesthetics were on the top of our list throughout the design and development process. One of the aspects that makes The Cliffs such a unique group of communities is the breathtaking backdrop it is situated against. At eHouse, we wanted to incorporate this natural beauty into the design of the site to stay consistent with brand-consistent natural, landscape-focused aesthetics.


We developed a color palette that draws exclusively from seasonal landscape that surround The Cliffs communities, allowing photography to stand strong, complemented by natural hues. Large header images capture panoramic landscape views, while smaller images work as detail shots showcasing the uniqueness of the seven communities.

It was also important to us and The Cliffs to prominently feature lifestyle imagery on, since The Cliffs is a place that nurtures community amongst its members, families, and generations of visitors.


Within only four months following the launch of the site we:

  • Created over 700 real estate and private event sales leads, compared to 654 real estate leads for all of 2013. Download Press Release
  • Significantly increased quality lead volume by differentiating the brand alongside support of revenue generation strategies.
  • Significantly increased longevity and impact of their .COM asset across sales, marketing, and internal operations goals.
  • Decreased management costs for maintaining and innovating the site with custom administrative controls over the content and design.
  • Significantly improved SERP and SEO results increasing prospect traffic sent over from Google.


  • 2015 IMA Awards Best in Show

    2015 IMA Awards

    Best in Show

  • 2015 W3 Award Silver: Responsive Web Design - Luxury Real Estate

    2015 W3 Award

    Silver: Responsive Web Design - Luxury Real Estate

  • 2015 WMA Web Awards Real Estate Standard of Excellence

    2015 WMA Web Awards

    Real Estate Standard of Excellence

  • 2015 AIGA InShow 20 Awards Honorable Mention

    2015 AIGA InShow 20 Awards

    Honorable Mention

  • Featured Website

    Featured Website

  • 2015 Davey Award  Silver Award - Luxury Real Estate Website

    2015 Davey Award

    Silver Award - Luxury Real Estate Website

  • 2015 Davey Award Silver Award - Content Strategy

    2015 Davey Award

    Silver Award - Content Strategy


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