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As an exclusive, upscale resort on one of the few remaining unspoiled islands of the West Indies, Christophe Harbour is poised to be one of the most distinctive and sought-after destinations in the Caribbean. Christophe Harbour’s initial website — launched prior to commencing land development — was designed to sell a vision of what this beautiful property would become.

However, once development of the property began, Christophe Harbour needed to then effectively demonstrate construction progress, promote the stability of the developer, and generate leads and sales via a new, responsive website. To do so, this online experience needed to better communicate the resort’s value proposition, address the interests and concerns of its super affluent target audience, and make it easier for users to find information from any location in the world, on any mobile device, domestic or foreign.

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Transitioning to responsive

With Google’s recent shift to prioritize mobile-friendly interfaces within its search algorithm, there was no doubt that this modern responsive technology was the right choice for Christophe Harbour. Responsive site design adds significant value for our clients as it consolidates content management and publication as well as site experience design through one system cutting out the extra costs associated with creating and maintaining experiences across platforms. As we reviewed prospect and customer analytics that we had set up on the existing site, we noticed that, with more foot traffic occurring in the wake of Christophe Harbour’s superyacht marina opening, we’d need to design the responsive navigation system with findability in mind so that once on the website, prospects could navigate to exactly what they needed within just a few seconds of their visit.

Responsive technology allows you to make custom experience design accommodations across devices, so we exposed quick access links specifically on mobile devices to serve on-island visitors. The new experience not only inspires with gorgeous photography of idyllic landscapes and luxury homes, it also helps funnel users to relevant content by providing a bird’s eye view of offerings on landing pages, allowing users to dive deeper based on their interests and current needs.

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Propertybase consulting

A large part of this redesign happened behind the scenes, where we worked with Christophe Harbour to expand the integration of data and automation capabilities from their existing real estate CRM, Propertybase, to ensure that leads were being captured and nurtured as effectively as possible. As we know, transactional emails produce better engagement rates than typical marketing emails. As part of our strategy, we designed & developed a personalized series of transactional emails to nurture website leads over the course of the next 3 weeks.

The impact of these efforts not only mitigated the additional time the agents would regularly spend following up and nurturing leads individually. Which also, allowed them to focus their efforts on the leads closer to the end of their purchase cycle while ensuring that new prospects were still receiving timely communication.

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A broader audience

Now that the Christophe Harbour development is well underway, the site needed to better represent the offerings and better serve all its constituents, on both the customer and business side. The new site provides Christophe Harbour clientele with an elevated user experience for searching properties and connecting with agents. It allows yacht captains to book berths as well as consider the purchase of a berth on the island. Property owners and island visitors can more easily connect with a concierge and find dining options. And just as importantly, it provides insight into all of the amenities and experiences available on the island.

eHouse delivered this entire engagement on-time and on-budget for us. We're not used to that type of service quality with agencies that tackle custom work. We're thrilled with how they've distilled our brand aesthetic digitally and have seen significant results in delivering qualified leads through best-in-class UX and UI design tailored to our story. Through their agile processes, we felt in control of the work the whole time, while also supported by eHouse's proactive strategy and planning.
Avatar Katherineverano Marketing Director, Christophe Harbour Development Company
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A new industry standard

In recent years, the user experience of shopping for real estate has changed significantly through tools like Trulia and Zillow. However, many luxury real estate properties can not take advantage of these tools to sell properties. eHouse Studio prides itself in helping real estate developers like Christophe Harbour raise the bar of user experience to meet the expectations of affluent real estate purchasers. For Christophe Harbour this presented a unique challenge, since their real estate is being built upon newly created land not recognized by Google Maps. While this was a hurdle to overcome, we were still able to leverage the Google Maps API by creating land digitally, where no land existed, in order to create mapped search results to meet the industry standard.

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Scalable and self-managed

As the Christophe Harbour continues to grow, the site needs to evolve gracefully. This is a challenge we focus on for every site we build at eHouse. We achieved this by creating reusable modules that the Christophe Harbour team can easily populate and push to the appropriate areas of the site. Neighborhoods may now be added purely through the CMS, listings and leads are handled entirely through Propertybase, and entire pages can be added to the site without any need for a developer or a designer to assist. This allows the Christophe Harbour team to own their site fully and provide content quickly and efficiently to their visitors without risk of straying from the company’s core branding.

overall inquiries


Within 2 weeks of the launch of the website redesign, analytics were already showing very promising trends, as YoY inquiries increased by 21%.

mobile experience


The shift to responsive provides prospects with an optimal experience on any device, resulting in a 433% increase YoY for mobile and tablet inquiries.

organic traffic


There's been a dramatic increase of 57% YoY for users coming to the site through organic search engines, such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

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  • 2016 Best in Class Award LUXURY REAL ESTATE WEBSITE

    2016 Best in Class Award


  • 2016 WMA WEB AWARDS REAL ESTATE Outstanding Website Development


    REAL ESTATE Outstanding Website Development


    2016 W3 AWARD



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