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Wrapping Up 2012

A digital look at an analog project

A Look back....

As one year ends and another begins, it is only natural to look back and reflect while planning and gearing up for what is ahead. At eHouse Studio, we take our holiday project as just that, a project. We try not to think of it as another thing on our never ending to-do list but as an opportunity to have fun together and showcase the wide array of talents in our community and our team while saying a heart felt “thank you” to those that we have had the chance to work with over the last year. So as Spring is flirting with us in the near future, we wanted to take this opportunity to take one more look back at our experience with the 2012 Good{e}’s project. Because we were having so much fun, we decided to document the process. Join us in watching our short “debut” film about our annual Good{e}’s project.

Why not?

Our team values the art of hand crafting things and the creative collaboration behind that process. So I guess to put it simply, this seemed like a great opportunity for us to take our talents away from the keyboard and work together in a different kind of process that involves the same passion we put behind all of our other projects.

Our team values the art of hand crafting things and the creative collaboration behind that process.

Makin’ stuff

We begin this project in October (let’s be real, it’s usually more like November...) and we gather ideas of locally made products in the community that we think are great or a business that we just want to help support. This often circles back to our own {e} house community and the talents that live within our walls that we don’t get to share outside of our client projects and work as often as we would like. This year we selected the following to be a part of this project.

Poster Concept

While most holiday gifts are accompanied by a holiday card, we wanted to try something different. We searched and debated over quotes and sayings that we felt were a good omen into the New Year. Something that you could use as a motivator, at least that was our hope!

The Design

Once we selected our quote, we dove into creating a hand designed poster. To start out, we took some time to research various forms of hand-drawn typography. We knew we wanted the typography of the quote to reflect the message; something bold and fun with a nautical quality. From there we moved on to sketches. Once we had a clean drawing we brought it into digital form, where we cleaned it up, made some tweaks, and played with color until we found our final design.


Once the design was complete, a few of us got our hands dirty by hand cutting and hand screen printing each individual poster. Working as a team to create something tangible is a fun departure from our digital world, but at the same time shares many similarities throughout the creative and production process. This was fun and a great testament to team work.

Makin' Soap

Hartwell, a man of many talents, graciously offered his soap making skills for this project.


Now that we had all of the elements together, came the packing process. Let’s just say that our office was taken over by packing materials for a good week. In an attempt to be more earth friendly, we selected all recycled materials. Go trees!

“A Ship in Harbor is Safe, but That’s Not Why Ship’s Are Built.”

There is something in each and every person, team, business that is unique and has something to offer. So let’s get out there and share it with each other! All of us at {e} house hope that 2013 is full of adventure and great experiences, so set sail and let your ship ride the journey ahead!