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We'll make sure you're guided through the entire replatforming process and into the future of commerce. From ease of use to stability and security to fully managed support, hosting, and optimization, Shopify Plus outperforms Magento® in every facet of the platform. The decision to migrate to Shopify Plus is an easy one.

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Why Upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Are you tired of managing your existing Magento® eCommerce store? Tired of the confusing interface, the constant bug fixing, the never-ending security updates, and having unfulfilled dreams of customizing your product pages? Do you find yourself spending more time wearing that battered, weather-torn IT Support ball cap when you’d much rather be sporting that sleek Indy-esque CMO fedora.

Meet Shopify Plus!

  • Fully hosted, cloud-based solution
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited products and sales
  • Unlimited scale and extensive APIs
  • Dedicated expertise and support
  • Sell on multiple channels through one interface, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Twitter, Houzz, Amazon.
  • No software upgrades
  • No security patches
  • No application monitoring
  • Avalara AvaTax™ automated sales tax included
  • Customizable checkout
  • 24/7 support
  • 99.99% uptime
  • 70+ payment gateways
  • and more

    With Shopify Plus, you can focus on your business, not your IT. 

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    eCommerce Built Just For You

    Solutions From Concept to Launch

    Our eCommerce design, development and marketing services along with Shopify Plus give you the ability to quickly launch your brand's eCommerce solution while delivering an exceptional customer experience.

    Our Shopify Plus Services

    As an Official Global Shopify Plus Partner we're able to take a look at your business needs and rapidly determine what sort of ROI you should expect from switching your ecommerce platform to Shopify Plus.

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    *You must sign a 2 year contract. Billing of Platform Fees will be waived for the first 6 months; other fees will apply during this period. Shopify will pay the fees applicable to the migration of one store from Magento 1.X to the Shopify platform, up to a maximum of $1,000 USD. Shopify reserves the right to refuse migrations for any reason. The store you wish to migrate must be on the Magento platform. To migrate your store, you must sign up with nChannel Inc. via a URL we provide. If you or we terminate your service before the end of the 2 year term, you must pay the migration fee, and the Platform Fees applicable to the first 6 months of the term, plus Platform Fees applicable to any remaining months of the initial 2 year term. Migration restrictions are: up to 500,000 SKUs; up to 1 million customers; up to 500,000 historical orders; no migration of product reviews; no modifications to the Magento database; Shopify will pay the migration fees for the migration of a single Shopify Plus instance only; migration does not include restructuring products (e.g. non-matrix to matrix); Shopify will pay the migration fees only for stores migrating from Magento 1.X; Shopify will not pay the migration fees for stores migrating from Magento 2, but stores migrating from Magento 2 are eligible for the waiver of Platform Fees for the first 6 months of a 2 year contract. Migration services covered by the migration fee paid by Shopify do not include standardization, normalization, string manipulation, merging, splitting, calculations, additions, or de-duplication of existing data. Offer subject to change without notice. Not combinable with other offers. Offer ends June 30, 2017.

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