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Recommendations for your eCommerce site to deliver exceptional customer experiences with a jump on the competition.

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eCommerce User Experience & Competitor Audit

Before we can create a digital experience that will build customer loyalty and help you gain a competitive edge, we must first evaluate where you stand today. We conduct user experience audits on your ecommerce platform to understand how your existing experiences meet customers’ needs and how your offerings compare to competitors’ experiences. We can then benchmark these evaluations against industry best practices. Then, we will evaluate the steps necessary to increase sales and analyze the investment necessary to solidify a competitive edge for your business online.

What You Get

  • Competitor + Best-in-Class Retailers Analysis using 100+ ecommerce best practice checkpoints
  • Impactful opportunities to improve the customer experience supported by written and visual examples
  • Executive summary + stakeholder presentation of findings

Our Process

Our audit begins with an in-depth analysis of your existing ecommerce website using our checklist of 100+ individual best practices alongside investigation into your customer needs and business goals. We then identify and document opportunities to improve user flows, task fulfillment and user transactions, addressing specific KPIs. The analysis includes a visual presentation of the highest-value interactions to prioritize, as well as a measure of competitors’ comparable experiences. From this analysis, we prepare recommendations for short-term and long-term user experience optimizations. These may range from discrete, high-impact usability improvements on your current platform to a comprehensive transformation of your ecommerce user experience.

Why Our Audits Are Different?

  • Our audits are based on leading ecommerce research from sources such as Baymard InstituteNielsen Norman Group along with our decades plus expertise in UX for high volume online merchants.
  • Our audits are performed by an expert eCommerce user experience design and research team vs. relying on surveys alone.
  • Our audits include real actionable recommendations based on opportunities found.
  • We are a Trusted Internet Retailer vendor in the area of ecommerce UX research.

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