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To build an end-to-end online shopping experience, your omnichannel presence must be strategically aligned with your marketing strategy and brand experience. Our work encompasses both the front end of your ecommerce presence — intuitive information architecture, smooth and seamless user experience, and attractive visual user interface design — as well as the back end of your online business. Beyond the core needs of your store, we integrate tools and platforms using APIs to manage inventory, customer service and returns, employ successful merchandising practices, apply business intelligence, and leverage personalized customer data for more targeted marketing and sales. We also incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) to improve findability and target high-value searches.

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    Omnichannel Strategy

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    User Experience Design

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    Responsive Design & Front-End Development

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    Ecommerce Platforms

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    Product Customization

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    Analytics & Conversion Rate Optimization

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    Marketing & SEO

Online Transactions

1 Million

In 2015, our clients generated over 1 million online transactions. Combining our best-in-class UX design with elegant UI and forward-thinking engineering, our solutions deliver powerful and effective results to businesses like yours.

Having worked with many digital design companies throughout my career, I've found eHouse to consistently exceed expectations while never missing an agreed upon due date. The results of their design work had a direct and positive impact on sales, conversion rate, site traffic, and brand awareness.
SVP OmniCommerce, Stage Store; Previously: VP, eCommerce Sterling Jewelers / Sr. Marketing Director Home Depot

Ecommerce Testing
CRO & A/B Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization

Unlike holistic design associated with user experience design, conversion rate optimization is a practice that helps you rapidly test variations of existing ecommerce interface elements & processes to discover which variations perform better for your online store than others. We define the tests, design and develop variations, technically configure the tests through A/B or split testing, and monitor the results to select a winning performer. The end result is an increase in conversion rates for key performance indicators (KPIs) such as purchases and newsletter sign ups.

Conversion rate optimization has to be combined with traffic quality control, ongoing customer research, and behavioral data synthesis in order to identify the best tests to perform to drive impact beyond the conversion. This approach to CRO ensures that you are also driving performance increases into the customer’s positive experience of your brand, helping to lift your lifetime value (LTV) of customers.

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UX Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce User Experience & Competitor Audit 

Before we can create a digital experience that will build customer loyalty and help you gain a competitive edge, we must first evaluate where you stand today. We conduct user experience audits on your ecommerce platform to understand how your existing experiences meet customers’ needs and how your offerings compare to competitors’ experiences. We can then benchmark these evaluations against industry best practices. Then, we will evaluate the steps necessary to increase sales and analyze the investment necessary to solidify a competitive edge for your business online. 

Our audit begins with an in-depth analysis of your existing ecommerce website alongside investigation into your customer needs and business goals. We then identify and document opportunities to improve user flows, task fulfillment and user transactions, addressing specific KPIs. The analysis includes a visual presentation of the highest-value interactions to prioritize, as well as a measure of competitors’ comparable experiences. From this analysis, we prepare recommendations for short-term and long-term user experience optimizations. These may range from discrete, high-impact usability improvements on your current platform to a comprehensive transformation of your ecommerce user experience.

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Whether you’re making a million a year or a million a day, Shopify Plus is built to make commerce simpler, more reliable, and to keep you ahead of every shift in buyer behavior. As consultants wanting to offer our customers the very best tailored solutions, we select only a few technologies every few years that we believe are changing the face of their respective verticals in a big, compelling way. Shopify Plus is leading the way with their hosted eCommerce platform, offering unheard value that may be a perfect fit for your business.

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