Digital Strategy

Design Sprints

The traditional way of designing digital products involves spending weeks or months building complex solutions for problems, only to discover after launch that the project has missed the mark. This often happens when a design or development team works on a solution in a silo, without the input of sales, finance, or business decision-makers who could have provided critical insights on customer needs and market factors.

At eHouse, we solve this through design sprints: five-day, highly focused periods in which we gather input and then map out, design and prototype a small part of a problem and test it with real customers. This allows us to gain real feedback quickly, avoiding the exorbitant costs of months-long processes that may produce an off-target product. Used by innovative companies such as Google and McKinsey, design sprints are useful for complex projects for which the cost of making the wrong decision would be high. Projects are broken into key parts and are focused on developing a successful minimum viable product (MVP) that the team can believe in and achieve.

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User Experience Design Strategy

In the initial phase of your digital project, we’ll investigate your business goals and challenges, competitive landscape, industry best practices, and your customers. We use that intelligence to develop personas and journey maps, which drive the user experience strategy for your ecommerce site, website or product.

Our work in user experience design focuses on how people use your digital space: how they find information and tools, how they work with those tools, the paths they use to move through the site or app, and the tasks they complete while there. To drive results, a digital experience must feel simple and fun regardless of the complexity of users’ goals.
Our UX design strategy provides a comprehensive plan for your ecommerce site, website or product that covers content layout, interaction and site navigation, creating a design system that’s scalable and easy to maintain across devices. We can present this plan in high-fidelity wireframes or in prototypes that allow you to interact with the product in early stages of ideation. Our UX work serves as the foundation for engaging and memorable customer experiences.

Design Strategy

Your digital presence is the centerpiece of your brand. To develop an ecommerce site, product or brand site that meet your business goals, you need a UI design strategy that aligns with your company’s positioning, values and vision while creating an engaging user experience. We’ll collaborate with your team to develop an interface design strategy that reflects, extends or evolves your brand. 
A design strategy involves exploration of your current brand positioning and identity. Our designers will craft design strategy guidelines to clearly lay out the visual tools that communicate what your brand stands for typography, color palettes, photography and illustration style, and user interface design patterns. This process helps your team quickly reach an agreement and convey desired visual direction, so you can get aligned and move ahead with confidence.

Minimum Viable (MVP) Roadmapping

Digital projects often become drawn-out and complicated as unforeseen requirements and unplanned roadblocks emerge through the process. To establish realistic expectations and project timelines, we develop an MVP roadmap before a project begins. In this process, we identify all factors that influence the scope and success of a project and investigate resources, time and budget constraints. The MVP roadmap provides customers with a point of view on how we might develop a workable, usable experience or product—and also creates focus, identifies priorities, and tables less important features in the current project phase.

We work with key stakeholders in your organization, including internal product owners and IT teams, to understand the existing landscape and uncover potential challenges that may stall the project. From this work, we can develop a clear project scope and budget, a practical schedule, and expectations for an achievable finished product experience within your time and investment. This roadmap helps to avoid scope-creep, inefficient communication, delays, or final results that fail to meet expectations, allows you to make commitments to your organization that you can keep, and gives you full control over the finished experience and product. The process ensures you end a project with a usable product that maximizes the impact of, and return on, your investment.

Content Strategy

With well-planned content, you can tell a differentiated story, help people find your business, and engage prospective customers, all of which help you to accelerate the purchase cycle and build long-term customer loyalty. We develop a content strategy for your ecommerce site, product or brand website to help you create and organize the information people need at the time and place they need it, helping your customers make informed decisions while meeting your business goals.

The content strategy begins with an audit and analysis of your existing content, as well as a review of each of your competitors  to identify opportunities and industry best practices. Through one-on-one interviews with your business stakeholders and customers, we then develop a strategy document that lays out communication goals, unique value messaging, user experience opportunities, and customers’ information needs. This strategy document defines the direction for your site architecture and content planning and aligns the team on the type, style and amount of content that must be created or repurposed for the new site. The final deliverable is a comprehensive content matrix that captures each piece of content, its key messages and structure, and a plan for how it will be created.

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