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Are My Customers iPhone Users?


Aaron Quinn on March 14, 2008

After reading our first article, I am sure you asked yourself, as many other companies are, “Are my customers iPhone users?”. So we thought we would touch upon this question and how the news of the future of the iPhone, from Steve Jobs presentation last week which covers Apple’s plans for the iPhone 2.0, may also effect whether you will see iPhone (iPod Touch) website traffic.


During Apple’s presentation last week Steve Jobs as well as Phil Schiller (Senior VP, Worldwide Product Marketing) and Scott Forstall (VP, iPhone) spelled out what Apple’s plans are for the iPhone. Some of the most notable topics of the presentation in regards to the question we are covering today is that Apple has quickly achieved 28% of the U.S. Smartphone Market share. Second only to longtime player RIM’s with their 41%. Equally surprising is Mobile Safari’s (the internet browser on the iPhone and iPod Touch) number one spot for U.S. Mobile Browser Usage, with a whopping 71%. Second place goes to Microsoft trailing far behind with 12%. Daniel Eran Dilger points out, these are impressive numbers when you consider that the iPhone has only been available since June, 2007, and that in the U.S. the iPhone is only available to AT&T customers.

U.S. SmartPhone Marketshare Chart

U.S. Mobile Browser Usage Chart


After covering where the iPhone has been in the consumer market, Phil Schiller (Senior VP, Worldwide Product Marketing) announced the iPhone Enterprise Beta Program. This program allows IT departments and large companies to test the iPhone’s new features, which will be released soon in version 2.0 in enterprise environments. This means iPhone fun for large companies. In regards to the question “Are my customers iPhones users?”, more iPhone users could be visiting your company website. The beta program has already been in place at companies such as Disney, Nike, Stanford University, and Genentech.

“Apple has really done their homework, addressing issues of security, manageability, and integration. We currently have hundreds of iPhone users and expect the demand to grow significantly with this release.” Senior VP of IT at Disney.


Most of the buzz leading up to the presentation was in regards to the release of the Software Developers Kit. This will allow third parties to build applications specifically for the iPhone (and iPod Touch). Companies have already been hinting at soon to be released third party applications. This could sweeten the pot for more growth for the iPhone.


On Tuesday, days before the presentation Steve Jobs also set the story straight on the Flash Player rumors coming to the iPhone. Jobs stated that Adobe needed to make something better than the current Flash Player made for mobile phones, and the larger desktop Flash Player was to slow on the iPhone. (Article not available, see cache version here)

“There’s this missing product in the middle,” Jobs said.

This means that if you have flash on your current site your visitors will not be able to see those portions on the website.


So by now as many other companies are (Land Rover) you could be saying “We need to accommodate these new iPhone visitors”, what now? A great place to start would be to read our first post “How Your Website Will Look on the iPhone and iPod Touch”. Still have more questions? Well, post a comment, send an email, or call. We don’t bite.