1. Announcing a new Christophe Harbour

    With its stunning natural harbors, ultra-luxury amenities, and world-class development team, Christophe Harbour is poised to be one of the most distinctive and sought after destinations in the Caribbean.

    When working with a client like Christophe Harbour, a 5-star exclusive resort on one of the few remaining unspoiled islands in the Caribbean, it would have been easy to let their gorgeous scenic photography speak for itself.

  2. Our Newest Way to Give Back: Courageous Kidz

    This past December eHouse Studio had the amazing opportunity to give back to our community in the best way we knew how. We, at eHouse Studio, put our "digital" skills to the test and redesigned the Charleston Elves' website. So when the organization behind Charleston Elves, Courageous Kidz, had a need, there was no way we were going to pass up another great opportunity to pay it forward!