Analytics Tagging Audit & Strategy

Measuring the performance of your ecommerce website, website or product should not be an afterthought. Analytics tools help you both measure the success of your marketing efforts for driving traffic to your site and understand customer shopping behaviors on your site for planning new architecture, content or features.

We will determine the most important data for your business and implement or optimize analytics tracking to centralize the data you need to measure success. We can build dashboards and set up the tags and tracking tools to measure UX performance, user behavior, lead attribution, A/B test results, return on investment, ecommerce transactions and more. Additionally, we will audit your analytics to identify potential data inconsistencies or leaks, and calibrate your tools to ensure data quality moving forward.

Analytics Tracking Manifest

Analytics can give you powerful insights into how users interact with your ecommerce site, website or product. To gain those insights, however, it is necessary to map, document and properly set up tracking mechanisms for all the important actions users might take on a site. This provides the most powerful reports possible, based on data you have invested in gathering.

We can develop an analytics tracking manifest that documents each possible user interaction, such as link and button clicks, messages, and shopping cart functionality. The manifest documents interaction types, labels and instructions, user behavior, values and tracking codes. It serves as a comprehensive checklist to ensure we capture every important interaction in tracking user paths and conversions, and supports governance of your analytics setup and management for the future.

Analytics Insight Reports

Your website and online store are the backbone of your digital marketing and omnichannel shopping strategy. To understand and share the ROI you get from your ecommerce website and marketing channels, you must be able to gain accurate and comprehensive insights from your analytics and be able to apply those against your marketing KPIs.

We develop easy-to-use reports that deliver actionable insights to your marketing or product management teams. Our reports contain timely data on the metrics most important to your marketing performance, visualized so you can share it easily with business stakeholders. This includes data about how your marketing efforts drove on-site conversions, as well as which channels, were most successful at driving sales. Our insight reports include data-backed recommendations from an objective, expert third party, which can provide ammunition to help internal teams and agency partners make better decisions. Additionally, we layer on industry trends in digital marketing to help you make decisions based on best practices and focus on leading-edge strategies.


eCommerce Analytics

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